The Evidence that Forced Pope Benedict to Resign is Now Available

From ITCCS website. And not only the former Pope, but Queen Lizzie, PM Harper and others. They are going to get what is coming to them.  ~ BP

Global Communique from The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS): November 15, 2014

Documentation of Genocide and Child Murder in Canada – Issued from the court record of The International Common Law Court of Justice, Brussels (Case Docket No. 02252013, The People v. Joseph Ratzinger, Elizabeth Windsor et al)


The ITCCS has just released the complete set of testimonies and documents that convicted the government and churches of Canada, the Vatican and the Crown of England, and their officers, of planning, committing and concealing crimes against humanity.

These 150 exhibits formed the basis of the verdict of February 25, 2013 that sentenced Pope Benedict, Queen Elizabeth, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and others to twenty five years in prison without parole, and stripped them of their office and authority.

This historic verdict lawfully disestablishes the Crown of England and the Vatican as legitimate bodies, and authorizes the seizure of all church and crown property, lands and assets under the authority of the common law and new constitutional Republics.
Please post and share these historic records, and help our common law sheriffs enforce these verdicts against these criminal individuals and institutions.

Issued 15 November, 2014 by ITCCS Central Office, Brussels –

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24 thoughts on “The Evidence that Forced Pope Benedict to Resign is Now Available

  1. spookchristian says:

    Im wondering when these catholic so called hierarchy are going to be arrested ?? !!

    • An arrest warrant was issued for Pope Benedict, shortly before he resigned. It is more than likely that this was kept quiet in an attempt to cover-up the truth about common law courts. If the truth were told, we the people would learn that our entire legal system is fraud.

  2. pupma says:

    Watching TV, Bush is talking up his Daddy in his brand new book.
    The bad guys are still blowing smoke in all directions.
    Seems to take awhile to put big bad folks away so they cause no more harm. To me, it seems to be taking forever. Pain & Hopelessness abound. Still. The mass of people are kept uninformed as usual.
    I worry that I will die just waiting for the world to wake up.
    That isn’t what I think I want, but, who knows what I agreed to! LOL!

  3. eewindsor says:

    The Covenant of the Kingdom held in Britain over the Stone of Scone cannot be abolished by a presumed Court. It’s not available to a Court’s ruling because the Court has no jurisdiction. If that Covenant with God is still valid, another Monarch will be chosen, and will reign, in Unity with the Holy Spirit and the Grace of God Almighty.

  4. buholanoit8 says:

    It will not help to send this report to any Catholic Archdiocese and churches. They will just mark it as “quarantined”, because all of them have a policy that undesirable content is to be quarantined; they even have a computer program that do it for them. I had such an experience because I communicate with a friend who is a bishop. Please see this: from the second paragraph of the article.

  5. Actually Eugene, i would say that was almost a ‘psychic slip’.

    Only it should have read…’the phony page of every news publication’…because those “newspapers” are anything but.

  6. Why is this information on the front page of every news publication around the WORLD !

  7. Charlie, the dark is playing out their last act. The Peoples’ courts who convict these fellons are NOT yet recognized in the main stream, but the perps know their number is up and it is just a matter of time until they are officially arrested and jailed.

    OR… as Wilcock said, some big players are about to be knocked off. Perhaps some of these animals will meet their maker earlier than others.

    Regardless, they will not get away with it, and the whole world will be apprised of the situation at the perfect time.

    • The mere fact that a guilty verdict has been rendered by tribunal comprised of unbiased individuals is a significant step toward the downfall of this systemic global pedophile reign of terror.

      Public awareness is the next phase of the process…the fire of rage has been kindled.

  8. Charlie says:

    Wow that didn’t stop the current pope to have an Xmas concert with Patti Smith as guest.

  9. buholanoit8 says:

    What I have difficulty in understanding is: after all the issuing of warrents for the arrests of the criminal popes, cardinals, queen et al, they are still running around and sprouting their Catholic drivel as if the world is never going to end? For how long do we all still have to expose their crimes and evil?

  10. buholanoit8 says:

    Apparently the YouTube videos given by the Arnett website re this case, have been removed by YouTube. Can anyone provide me with more detail? I am busy with an exposure of the papacy myself and these would suit my purposes just fine. Please see and
    Thanks and much blessings with your new blog.

  11. Giftoftruth says:

    Without prejudice, ITCCS is a fraud; all evidence is therefore in-admissable; secondly, justice is about seeking reconciliation and not retribution; go to; in peace

  12. una says:

    How and when will this be enforced? Nothing seems to be happening.

  13. Ghouls live amongst us.without a doubt.

    The evidence is irrefutable…the gut wrenching testimony extremely hard to read and watch.

  14. schauminator says:

    Please everyone take this report and send it to you local Catholic Archdiocese and all church leaders regardless of denomination they are.
    We must let them know what we know and know they know it as well.

  15. Did the papal pedophile resign or merely retreat into a more Dick Cheney type role ?

  16. pattyclift60 says:

    This is wonderful news. Even though my Father died years ago, this happened on his birthday last year. I knew he was helping me through all of this. You see, we do have contact with our elders!

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