Jim Carrey Outs the Illuminati [video]

Thanks to KP for sharing this. Carrey is one of my favourite Canadians.

‘Disclosure’ takes many forms and comes from many sources—some we may not even recognize, so subtle are they.

Jim Carrey’s delivery, however… not so subtle. And maybe that’s a GOOD thing. Enjoy—and thank you, Jim!

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8 thoughts on “Jim Carrey Outs the Illuminati [video]

  1. demetrius13 says:

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    Thanks, Jim, for having more guts than any 10 people might!

  2. L Walling says:

    He has been reported to now be the high priest of the Hollywood coven, so he ought to know what he’s talking about. That is why he is placing the satanic tongue inside the triangle. I’m sure all the satanists get the message he is sending them.

  3. Giftoftruth says:

    Interesting that wordpress doe not allow us to reblog this one 🙂 ?

  4. HATTER says:

    Jim Carrey Replaced Martin Scorcese as High Priest of the L.A. Hollywood branch of SET six years ago … the joker and his demons. Robert Shapiro is no. 2. George Soros is High Priest of New York … puppet masters.

  5. Sometimes making a joke out of something makes the masses less aware that its no joke at all.

    I’m waiting for somebody to start jokingly suggesting that the world is controlled by satan worshiping pedophiles on TV.

    THEN we’re getting somewhere.

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