Will Democratic Corruption and President Obama’s Disappointments Effect the 2016 Elections?

Here we go! Starting with the mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina being sentenced to 44 months in prison for accepting bribes from FBI agents . . .

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3 thoughts on “Will Democratic Corruption and President Obama’s Disappointments Effect the 2016 Elections?

  1. Dee says:

    The term “Politician” is synonymous with Corruption. I am not defending Democrats…I am just stating the obvious. For every Democrat politician accused of corruption or ‘caught with their pants down”…you have a Republican politician who is corrupt. Can you say, Richard Nixon? Politics breeds corruption period. Meet the new boss…same as the old boss…divide and conquer.

  2. schauminator says:

    In regard to an answer to your head line question for 2016.
    I think it is very reasonable to think the likes of Hillary or another Obama will be elected.
    I base this on who the voters were the put Obama over the top. First we must agree they were uninformed dreamers seeking some form of a utopian care free environment. Then you must at least this voters were once farmed as useful innocents in our government and union school systems. Then to fully know they have graduated to the level of useful idiot at the voting booth. And is not easy to debrief them with statements that are going to be a real epiphany for them or they just shut down and remain a slave.
    So, who were these voting sectors that elected Obama? White Women and College Students.
    Therefore, if blogs as ‘Light worker’ and “What’s The Real Truth” don’t find a way of to attract these potential readers for an education purpose, we should expect the same old same old shit from Washington DC and the Capitol Hill folks. Lies and Deceptions to attract these children in adult bodies will continue.

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