‘We’re asking the world not to turn their back on us’, Alberta man on Ebola outbreak

Not that the US mid-term elections are over, it seems Ebola is back in the news. How do we get the word out about colloidal silver and vitamin C?

Global News

Sillah Kargbo is a long way from Sierre Leone, but distance has not eased his heartache as countries in west Africa continue to battle the deadly Ebola virus.

The Edmonton man lost his cousin to Ebola last week. She was a nurse helping patients infected with a virus that would eventually take her life.

“She is a hero,” said Kargbpo. “All the people who have lost their lives in the process of helping others – we consider them heroes.”

Kargbpo lives in constant anxiety, wondering who’s next, and he’s not alone.

“There is a gentleman who lost four relatives; a friend in Calgary lost three relatives; it’s very hard to find a Sierra Leonean family who hasn’t been affected.”

The number of people in Sierra Leone becoming infected is growing by the hundreds every week.

“In human history, this will go down as a gargantuan disaster,” said Paul Carrick of…

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