Michael Tellinger at the Breakthrough Energy Conference 2012

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6 thoughts on “Michael Tellinger at the Breakthrough Energy Conference 2012

  1. Erissa C. Jooste says:

    This info I am able to impart is the ‘KEY TO THE CAGE’ (do you remember that ancient scroll called Mad Magazine 1967 or thereabouts!)


  2. Erissa C. Jooste says:

    In the beginning was the word and the word was god etc….= the word is a program, the Elohim program!

    To be sealed into the program one needs to be baptised ‘into the name of the fathet, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is what ‘seals’ one.

    I have a complete baptismal seminar worked out, to explains to aspirants

    • Erissa C. Jooste says:

      The why, the when and the how of proceeding to regain their God given energy, as taught by Christ Jesus of Nazareth.

      I am a fully excaliburred reborn Cheistian of 30 yrs standing who also did Eastern meditation to EP – full enlightenment and am fully conversant with Scientology etc. I have also BA maj in Anthropology and Art History as minor.

      The answer lies in humility and baptism by full immersion by someone like me, after the R factor seminar. Mtt 28:19

  3. Dezynerdave says:

    Michael is an awesome man. I had the pleasure of meeting him about 3 years ago at he and Kerry Cassidy’s conference in Oakland. At that time he was calling his no money society “Contributionism.” I also saw him last year at “Contact in the desert.” He is a true leader and he will be hugely recognized for that one day…which I hope is soon.

  4. casandra says:

    UBUNTU is the natural living in harmony with nature.

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