David Wilcock: Things Are Ramping Up VERY Quickly. We Are Going To See Major People Getting Knocked Off

More comments from David Wilcock… He indicates that the takedown of the bad guys could continue for weeks or even months… At some point in the near future, we can expect the mainstream news outlets to (once again) start reporting the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

David Wilcock: Things Are Ramping Up VERY Quickly.. We Are Going To See Major People Getting Knocked Off

(Wilcock comments on Fulford’s latest post)

Comment by dwilcock on November 12, 2014 @ 10:41 pm

I spent all day yesterday gathering new info from insiders. Things are ramping up VERY quickly. My mind has been blown wide open. Lots of new people are starting to come forward and they may just be the first wave.

Apparently the preferred method of how the Alliance will get the planet back is going to continue to involve behind-the-scenes work for a period of time. It may or may not depending upon how fast certain things move.

Although I do not at all advocate this approach, we have the number-one source available to one of my highest-level insiders saying that we are going to see major people getting knocked off and it will be made to look like accidents. This could go on for weeks or even months. This was independently confirmed by others.

There will be a decisive shift, I was told. Some of the intel suggested it could happen fairly quickly.

The most intriguing new tidbit was that it will reach a point where everyone knows about the Cabal and what they were up to on an extremely public level. Once this happens, the media will be MANDATED to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, whether they like it or not.

I am going to keep a steady focus on getting a video pipeline established. The dream I just woke up from told me to relentlessly focus on this. There will be a need for it soon enough, as if there isn’t already.

– David


Comment by dwilcock on November 12, 2014 @ 10:54 pm

There is some intel, which I do not believe is credible, suggesting that things could very dramatically shift in just a few weeks. Part of this job is to assess the value of certain intel and not pass things along unless they seem to help.

Many times I have heard imminent-sounding things and decided not to pass them along, and then they didn’t happen. No matter who tries to plan what, things have their own speed of traveling. Windows open and windows close. Opportunities shift on an hourly basis with the political winds.

Some of the most exciting new information concerns the secret space program. There is no question that ET activity has dramatically ramped up in and around the earth. Disclosure is very much going to be a part of this, and part of what embarrasses our shadow government is there are so many different folks out there that they honestly don’t know what the heck is going on.

The “learning curve” is going to be significant. I have been charting the progress towards Disclosure on my show and there is much more to say on this. One insider said that all this fighting over the financial system, and how we change it, is valiant but also sadly foolish, as we are right on the brink of changes so massive that money will be as obsolete as the Pony Express.

– David


Comment by dwilcock on November 12, 2014 @ 11:10 pm

OK, one last thing taken from some of my written notes:

“We will see the arrest and prosecution of top banksters, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, anyone who has been violating the law. This will target people and groups who have used lobbyists to change a law from something that was real and good for humanity into something that would further their cause. People who have blatantly violated laws and committed treasonous acts contrary to the life and living conditions of humans are strongly likely to be arrested or certainly thwarted. This will also include a significant majority of the senate and congress in the United States.”

There you have it. The other stuff that is imminent will be fascinating if it happens, and if so we don’t have to wait long, so I am content to just “sit here watching the wheels go round and round…”

– David


Comment by shad01 on November 12, 2014 @ 11:14 pm

I think the only weapon the cabal have left is the media.


Comment by dwilcock on November 12, 2014 @ 11:16 pm

Ironically I had a dream that said exactly that just yesterday morning. The Cabal basically no longer exists except as a tired old story that they are telling in movies, pop music, video games and media disinfo.

– David


Comment by shad01 on November 12, 2014 @ 11:19 pm

David your insights into what’s going on are very appreciated. Thank you for all that you do.


Comment by dwilcock on November 12, 2014 @ 11:24 pm

That’s what we’re all here for! I thank you for saying it.

One insider who actually did interviews for my upcoming second show said I am in a singularly unique position here with regards to the nature and type of leaks I’m getting, and I have a responsibility to put it out there. Ben is also in such a position.

There is lots of “hatorade” to be drunk out there, but if you know what I know, you wouldn’t be concerned about any of it!

– David


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34 thoughts on “David Wilcock: Things Are Ramping Up VERY Quickly. We Are Going To See Major People Getting Knocked Off

  1. vic says:

    I can understand why people are fed up with all of these bad guys that are still around ,but you have to understand that with all the years that these criminals have operated its going to take along time to get them out and in the chair to hell.David and Ben are doing there best to get us the most intel that sounds credible as possible for us to take in.If you can’t hack it out then just go on with your life and for get about it ,don’t let them win again if you have had it .In the Bible its says that things will happen this way and so far it is ,and its taking time.Ilove all this stuff i feed off all this intel and feel that iam a part of what is happening ,and to tell people about what is happening sometimes they listen and sometimes they don’t.Just meditate and relax and enjoy your family and all this fun intel and be safe.HIGH FIVES ,LETS GET IT ON.

  2. kc6wqx says:

    if the cabal is failing? Why are the chemtrials so real?

    • Dee says:

      Exactly! And “ramping up very quickly”? Pleeeze…the cabal’s ongoing demise has been like a slow motion train wreck…operative word:
      S L O W .

    • Jimmy says:

      It looks like they have turned it into a whole profitable industry,… (the public doesn’t know about)

      Polar Vortex Explained By Jetstream Notch 2014-10-25 – yT Video
      (@12m:22s) – What they are doing. (@13m:28s) – UN Treaty makes is illegal to make weather warfare on other countries. That’s why they are developing all of this hardware & software, & using it on their own country, because it is not illegal. (@14m:08s) – As they build more “SBX Transmitters” (www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pp0Z1EafiWs), this kind of weather-control-ganster-extorsion-scheme will be played all over planet Earth.

    • Rich Buckley says:

      kc6wqx, I could be wrong of course, but I think the multiple missions behind Chemtrails conflates their uses under several programs: Geoengineering, Weaponization, and Black Ops. All these programs work better in a plasma atmosphere (hydrolized aluminum oxide, etc), produced by Chemtrails. Each mission has a seperate funding life.

  3. Jimmy says:

    I’ve heard it all. 2 Weeks, 2 Months, & 2 Years,… now going on Year 3. Church bells,… Green lights, red lights, & all kinds of lights,… David Wilcock claiming Obama was a White Knight (obviously disguised as a Cabal Member (CMs)). All of the CMs already removed were taken to the Central Sun (very inconspicuously & very conveniently). All of the financial (supposedly bad) guys jumping out of windows & suiciding themselves are part of the cleanup – but is it really,… ??? or is it just part of the NWO war (amongst themselves – dog eats dog style) for World Domination,… ??? Oh,… & of course,… if you don’t like it,… join the Wait Club,… Well,… last time they claimed that certainly before the end of this Fall,… (Dec 21st). But now, all of the latest updates indicate dates of specific financial events taking place next year,… If it is not going to be in this Window of Opportunity,… it’s going to be in the next,… or the next following,… or the one after that,… so “don’t hold your breath”,…

    • Jimmy says:

      Don’t get me wrong,… I’d love to believe Drake,… & I want the Cabal removed, as much as everyone else waiting,… but Drake, which I have been following for well over 2 years now, hasn’t delivered (so far). He is always very hopeful & has got a lot of stuff to talk about,… but his 2 weeks,… have never seen the light of day. The show picks up momentum, & then it’s gone,… then guests get to fill-in,… especially when the show goes flat,… then eventually something bad happens,… & he starts a new show,… often somewhere else,… with a new crew & a new host. This last go-round in 2014,… there is no crew & just 1 host. This last show,… they changed the user interface (which has happened before), & it doesn’t work (which has happened before),… plus they were claiming that they were getting hacked & attacked (which has happened before). So,… this last show had a lot of things going wrong w/ it,… & seemed to have picked up a lot of momentum,… & we are going for a 1 week wait (before the SHTF),… & so what do you think is going to happen,… ???

  4. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    Yep. Heard on a hollow earth network radio show, 11-12-2014, show, that things are changing, we will see this in the next week or so. New governance, new financial system, galactics revealed and such, coming soon.

  5. ken rankin says:

    Can you clarify your reference about the Alliance and Vatican connection?

  6. ken rankin says:

    Can you clarify your reference the Alliance and Vatican connection? Hard to understand a positive alliance cozying up to baby killers. Unless you believe that Kevin Annett and ITCCS are bogus.

  7. George says:

    Victory for the light…as Cobra says, however lately all we’ve been getting in this kind of info is the dangling carrot in front of us. Even John Ross’s post yesterday about the cabal surrendering is all bull. I was thinking the other day, this world has been suffering for eons with people suffering, how can benevolent ET’s as well as creator source let this happen all because of the free will law on this planet, they can’t interfere. Don’t you think by now that these so called benevolent ET’s who are hanging out in their ships watching would want to just take out the dark matter still living on this planet and destroy it. They have such advanced technology that could just eliminate these dark beings in seconds yet because of the free will they won’t. I don’t understand why they let it go on for so long and not have compassion to do something because we the people of earth can’t stop these dark entities who been running this world and that’s why it has gone this far. We need a break through and yet for years the info and channeling we’ve been hearing is dear ones look for next week a big change on your planet..yeah right. Somethings gotta give…when you look at news all you see is the same terror still continuing. Yet there is so much info about behind the scenes work by the good guys. Doesn’t seem like it though. Today my skies are chem trails again. ;(

    • Jimmy says:

      06-13-12 Interview
      Cobra: 10 days to the Cabal to peacefully surrender,…
      Cobra: 2 Options: 1) Peaceful surrender 2) No Surrender
      Cobra: Option 1) Financial System don’t need to reboot
      Cobra: Option 2) Financial System will need to reboot to disconnect the Cabal
      Cobra: Venus Transit Meditation raised light on the Planet & facilitated the conditions for the Cabal to consider Peaceful Surrender
      Cobra: Still negative Archons present in the Jesuit’s faction
      Cobra: Jesuit’s faction: Inquisition Techniques, Mind Control,
      Cobra: Is from Pleiadian lineage, but has earth parents.
      Cobra: After the Cabal is removed, ETs 1st contact will take place
      Cobra: After the Cabal is removed, Pleiadians will provide evidence of their existence via the MSM
      Cobra: After that is up to earth beings to accept them or not
      Cobra: After the Pleiadians, the Sirians will also be involved,…
      Cobra: Technologies such as Replicators will become available
      Cobra: Pleiadians will reveal Ascension information
      Cobra: Ascension is the Liberation of Consciousness from all 3rd Dimensional Reality constraints
      Cobra: Cabal will be completely removed by the end of the Year
      Cobra: Ascension is a process, it doesn’t happen in 1 day,…

    • Jimmy says:

      Besides the links above,… check these out,… they explain a lot of the Weather Manipulation here over the West Coast,…

      Secret Pacific Aerosols Continue California Drought 2014-10-22 – yT Video
      (@10m:38s) This is very clever ChemTrail operation, they did this morning.

      Heavy Aerosols Maintain Polar Vortex 2014-11-08 – yT Video
      Of The Haarp Report – http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp7xAgrKhcVKEztY_gjlLVQ/videos

  8. janfow says:

    I’m not upset with you, David. I just have been blind sided. A kick in the gut. I’ve just lost all hope of any peace in this lifetime.

  9. janfow says:

    We have been “led” to believe the bad guys will be stopped. None of that, as far as politicians, is Not happening. Furthermore, now they increase triple the strength in BRICS. Just put me to sleep, I’m done”(

  10. janfow says:

    I am so disgusted. The BRICS, in a recent article ARE with the NWO. Why didn’t you tell us about that?? In the vastness of your “all knowing” refused to share that, letting us remain “sheeple, by not knowing any better. Why would you do that???

  11. janfow says:

    I believe cabal will carry on through BRICS, why hasn’t anyone addressed THAT?

    • We have discussed that on this blog–about how the BRICS countries have ties to the Rothschilds… The truth is, we don’t really know enough about BRICS to make that call without a doubt. 😉

  12. I think a eye for a eye ,is justified.? Did these people kill J. F.K , R.F.K., M.l.K. and many more? Are they piosoning our enviorment , putting bad stuff in medicines and food to control population ? Are they following hitlers lead? Is their time is up.? I hope so.

  13. I hope this is for real.

    If so, a lot of people who know me will be calling…many of them will have to eat some crow.

    And i will be only to happy to serve them a big dish of it…cold of course.

  14. TRUTHBETOLD says:

    Long time coming. I wish for a non-violent outcome and (if necessary), peaceful surrenders. Forward ho light workers! To the New World of Peace and Harmony. Thanks David. You’re awesome.

    • richbuckley7 says:

      …yes, non-violent outcome….and Momma always taught that “forgiveness” is humankind’s greatest challenge on the road to ascension….a characteristic in short supply these days.

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