Sync Alert: THE SOVEREIGN DEBT FRAUD & Cameron’s Dirty Secrets Exposed (Videos)

The truth of where all of this “debt” we supposedly owe is continuing to pour out, isn’t it? -LW

After studying these videos (produced by a series of very dedicated and thoroughly researched individuals) new evidence has come to light exposing just “some” of the backroom deals!  They point to very serious information the “People” of all lands (especially the UK) should know.

There are (as if we didn’t know already) a whole group of people running everything from Energy, Finance, Profiteering, Insider trading, Fraudulent and Massive Ponzi Scheme’s, these despicable “people” (right word, Wong name) at the highest levels working to completely control all of the above plus many more “Crimes” against all of humanity.  What’s more you ALL know them and they have gotten away with Murder for Decades (quite literally.)


What’ even more serious than this is what they “have planned” for YOU & Yours unless we “The People” sit up and pay attention.  You won’t get this on the BBC or any other controlled “Media” (which they own and operate anyway.)  This should be THE Biggest Story Out There…  Over to you to share and be aware of.  Make This Viral Guys!

Thank’s, The Sync Team.

Published on Aug 13, 2014


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Cameron Exposed As A Liar, Cheat
& Fraudster Extraordinaire.

Published on Oct 1, 2014

15 October 2014. UPDATE.

I was an observer and witness at “THE TEMPLE BAR” in London yesterday to several file documents handed over from Ex RAF Whistleblower Gordon Bowden to two “other” people who cannot be named at this stage. I have several for my own safety in safe hands, Gordon has worked tirelessly on exposing the SCUM who are ruining our Country and I must thank him for his resolve and in not giving up in his fight to reveal the truth and expose these massive frauds. It will soon become apparent that these extremely serious crimes are resulting in the deaths of millions of innocent civilians and thousands upon thousand of coalition troops. The long term damage to world health and the environment is so horrendous it is almost beyond words, and all this while you were watching your favorite “program” on the Telly aka Tell-lie Vision.

Let’s start with that trip to South Africa in the summer of 1989 and look at who was involved. Margaret Thatcher set everything in motion and David Cameron (a young 24 year old researcher) became her messenger. It is alleged that he was accompanied by Kenneth Robin Warren (now Sir Ken), who was the only technically minded person within the party who could assist Cameron and also Dr David Kelly. One also hears of the involvement of other Conservatives such as David Wiltshire, Ken Clarke, Peter Lilley and many others.

Cameron’s trip to South Africa was paid-for by Armscor who had the covert stock of Hiroshima-style atomic bombs in-stock and for-sale at Pelindaba. It was believed that many other investors were involved in this under the table and highly illegal deal. Maggie Thatcher’s son Mark Thatcher, Heseltine, Rifkind, Dorrell and McAlpine all had some involvement. Obviously John Major was also involved having taken over from Thatcher…….all in all our political elite had truly compromised the security of the United Kingdom and the world.

Last but not least we have dear Dr. David Kelly (the man who knew too much!).

A Cancer Act
Samantha Cameron (nee ‘Snowy’ Sheffield) “Revised July 23, 2012. Matrix 5 wife of the allegedly extorted man-in-the-middle Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron; evidence she and her husband were ordered by trustees of the Thomson Reuters Foundation to develop a Carlton Communications snuff-film script – apparently financed by Libor panel banks – for the London Underground bombing of July 7th, 2005; evidence that on 9/11, she arranged multicast of ITV/Carlton incidents followed by Naudet Brothers’ snuff-film images relayed via Schroder’s WTC Building #7; evidence her husband and fellow Bullingdon alumna synchronized ITV/Carlton incidents with Schroders snuff film to associate ‘Pull it’ of WTC#7 with Twin Towers demolitions







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