Note from BP about donations/energy exchange

LW’s Note: When BP saw my earlier comments, she asked if I had considered advertising. In the past, I held the opinion that only sites like YouTube, Facebook, or Google really generated much revenue from ads.

Today, I did some research and was pleasantly surprised to find that web advertising has changed, considerably. There is an approval process. The intent of the ad service is to provide links that are related to the content, but the reality is that an article about a bank whistleblower could have an ad for that bank. (How funny is that?)


Hello everyone!

Out of necessity, we have added a Donation Button to The Big Picture and LW’s blog, Our New World.

We’re probably very close to the Event/RV/GCR at this point… but close doesn’t pay the bills.

These are desperate times for many people, and LW really must generate some income.

Therefore, we are looking at hosting Google Adwords on our blogs, as a last resort.

As you may recall, I never wanted ads on my blog for aesthetic reasons, and we thought one would need substantially more page views to make it lucrative, but it sounds like we are missing out on some potential income that could alleviate the financial problems we’re having so just be prepared. You may land on a page one day and think you are on the wrong blog, but it’s just us.

Any assistance you can offer to LW by clicking the Donate button on The Big Picture sidebar below the list of most recent posts, or on Our New World will be much appreciated. It will go directly to his account, not mine, and I’m thrilled to be able to help.

Besides, the Techno-Weenie didn’t have to do anything. ;0)

Cheers to better days ahead for us all.

Victory to the Light!

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7 thoughts on “Note from BP about donations/energy exchange

  1. ChristianB says:

    Isn’t a WordPress blog free?

    • Christian, not all WordPress blogs are free. Free blogs come with a lot of restrictions on themes, disk space, etc.

    • BP says:

      ChristianB, the blog was free when I started, when there were only a few posts, but once I hit a certain limit of disk space, as LW29501 said, I had to pay $100 for a year subscription of unlimited space.

      Now, while I am still unemployed, I’m okay, but LW29501 who has been running the blog for a few months is in a desperate situation and also without a job, so we’re pitching in to help him get through this rough time.

      We are now looking at hosting advertising on our blogs because we have to generate income somehow, as much as we don’t really want to have ads. It’s not as simple as we thought, but we’re working through it. Wish us luck! ~ BP

  2. Senatssekretär FREISTAAT DANZIG says:

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  3. ” …an article about a bank whistleblower could have an ad for that bank. (How funny is that?) ”

    A humorous reference to that possibility in the article wood be akin to letting everybody at the party know the creep in your article may pop up in the same page space.

    Stay the course LW, one thing you can count on is change.

    I have lived the life of a whistleblower since 1995…but the tough times never lasted, things always ‘changed’, opening new doors into the future.

    Just pay attention as you go, so you don’t miss any of the gems along the side of the road.

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