Proof of Hoax: Ottawa Shooting Bullet Holes Shown in Street View 2013

Honestly, when was the last time that one of these events wasn’t a hoax or some kind of psychological operation? Debunking these events is getting tedious, because they are done so sloppily, aren’t they?

Okay, I’m going to go ahead and call the Ottawa Shooting a totally staged event unless more evidence proving otherwise comes to light!  When you prove part of a story is a hoax then that means they have lied and when you catch them in lies, you know the entire event is a hoax of some type.  I don’t have all the answers but this whole thing stinks!  Check this out.  Here’s a funny edited video showing the ridiculous story that the mainstream news told about the event.  Try to hold down the chuckles as they describe the shootout as something out of the Matrix!  But focus on what a big deal they made about the 9 bullet holes in the wall!  There’s only one problem!  The bullet holes shown in the wall were already there!  Here’s the Google Street view from April 2013!,-75.7001496,3a,75y,69.73h,91.7t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1sDM19X-jMbXbdKblfKFWm-w!2e0!3e5

Here’s a screen capture that clearly shows the bullet holes were there already!  What a joke!  So I guess the police must have been in on this little scam also since I’m sure the police are who told the fake news about the “bullet holes”.  Oh and now guess what – they have changed their story because their little bullet holes was discovered by Internet researchers.  This is what they say now!

From CBC Website:

This story has been edited from a previous version that stated there were nine bullet holes in the wall near the Parliamentary library, based on information from multiple sources.

In fact, upon further investigation, not all the marks were caused by the bullets. The exact number of bullets that hit the wall in the shooting is unclear. Also, the pistol used by the sergeant-at-arms is a semi-automatic, not an automatic as reported in an earlier version and in the TV piece attached.

Funny Edited Fake News Video Describing “Matrix Like” Shootout and showing the “Bullet Holes” that were there in 2013!

So a big part of the “story” that they went with has now been proving as a hoax and they are already changing the story now!

The Fake CPR Exposed
(The chest is not moving)

Here’s something else I have found.  Why does the soldier’s chest not move at all when they are doing the CPR?  The soldier has white gloves on and he has his hands neatly on his chest.  Now watch this video and you’ll see that somebody “appears” to be trying to do CPR but how can he do this when the guys hands are in the way!  It looks to me like the guy is doing CPR on the concrete!  They are not on his chest!  What is going on!  Also you see what appears to be “spotters” that are looking outward for people getting too close to the scene!

These two videos show me that the official fairy tale is falling apart just like the official fairy tale fell apart on Sandy Hook and 9/11!   At this time I don’t believe any of this was real!  Please share these videos!


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2 thoughts on “Proof of Hoax: Ottawa Shooting Bullet Holes Shown in Street View 2013

  1. Erissa C. Jooste says:

    Hands on belly indicate a pulse and muscle control which denies the presence of cardiac failure! And hence denies the need for CPR!

    Someone mentioned he seems to be CPRing the pavement which indicates probable holographic manipulation and transference/superimposing of action.


  2. coastx says:

    Obsidian Analysis writes theatrical script and moderates development coordinated with shill media inclusive of Infowars, Beck and Icke.

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