The Cheapest Most Efficient Prison of All — You’re Own Mind!

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By Anna von Reitz

From the cradle onward we are deliberately taught to think in ways that profit our predators. This is done by those who stand to profit from these purposefully engendered failures of logic.

For example—remember yourself as a child playing with a set of colored blocks, marbles, or similar objects. What were you taught to focus on?

You were taught to focus on and identify differences—- difference of color, size, shape, texture, material, transparency—any kind of difference at all was important and emphasized and you were required to recognize and note it.   The sameness or similarity of things was used merely as a means to identify differences. Why?

Why isn’t recognizing similarities inherently as important as recognizing differences?

Without recognizing similarities first, we wouldn’t be able to discern differences, but similarities are downplayed because similarities provide the basis for unity and peace and compassion.

Those who profit…

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One thought on “The Cheapest Most Efficient Prison of All — You’re Own Mind!

  1. casandra says:

    Yes indeed we are brain washed from the cradle to accept the unacceptable.When i question something in a public place without being loud…people who start being aware of “my problem” they coward away and look at me like if i was totally unreasonable to dared question the system that is negatively affecting us all.
    And it is in those instances when i feel they are not worthwhile fighting for !!! they just deserve to be financially, mentally and totally abused by the system. .

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