Upcoming flight of NASA’s Orion spacecraft into space, proof that Moon landing never happened?

As far as I know, the Van Allen belt filters out harmful radiation from the sun. In the world of UFOs, it is absent over the north and south poles. During the space race, there were fears that missions to the moon punctured the Van Allen belt, thereby exposing us to harmful radiation. Why the sudden concern about the Van Allen belt? -LW

NASA’s newest spacecraft, Orion, will be launching into space for the first time in December 2014, on a flight that will take it farther than any spacecraft built to carry humans has gone in more than 40 years and through temperatures twice as hot as molten lava to put its critical systems to the test.

According to the video below, spacecraft Orion will test the Van Allen radiation belt first before they can send people through this region of space.

Listen carefully at around 3:36 what the man says: “We must solve this problem before we send people through this region of space” (the Van Allen radiation belt).

Didn’t they already send 6 manned crews through this region on the way to the moon in the Apollo missions?

If NASA is still working on testing the Van Allen radiation belt in order to solve that problem before they can send the astronauts through this region of space, than it is really amazing what the engineers of NASA in the 60’s and with the technology of the 60’s have done to solve that problem, leading to the first moon landing in ’69.

If the moon missions were real, then it seems the whole “the Van Allen radiation belt” problem should have been solved over 40 years ago and at least have landed on Mars by now and flown manned flights to one of Mars’ moons or even a flyby of Saturn or Jupiter.

After watching this video I have to seriously doubt that there were ever any “NASA” manned space flights to the moon.


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12 thoughts on “Upcoming flight of NASA’s Orion spacecraft into space, proof that Moon landing never happened?

  1. vendo4151 says:

    Oh, … and I could add that the Apollo spacecraft was very significantly less electronic than modern spacecraft. They were very much more mechanical. Really an incredible engineering feat of brute force and mechanical engineering with shockingly little electronics, .. even by the standards of the times I believe. And therefore, not a whole lot to shield.

  2. vendo4151 says:

    How about all the unmanned craft sent to Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and beyond? … And of course, not just by the United States. …. I do think that some are reading too much into this matter of the Van Allen Belt. … Not that I’m any expert, but I do know that the intensity of this radiation belt is highly variable and it has been assumed for a long time that this depended upon the strength of the solar winds. But just this year it was discovered that in fact this theory and assumption is wrong. Embarrassing and humbling for many scientists, it was discovered that the effect is produced by the rotation of the earth. And if anything, it is a bigger mystery now than it was before. It is highly variable and can be unpredictable. And heavy shielding of electronics is heavy and bulky. This is the issue in a nutshell.

  3. daveashwell says:

    I am sorry I do not believe a lot of this message because we see on The Big Picture, RIGHT HERE, that the Mars Base was destroyed last week??

    So the Secret Govt has ALREADY BEEN TO MARS, so they MUST have figured out how to overcome the radiation somehow. Perhaps through back engineering the many flying craft that they have shot down., So PLEASE ED, I would love you to reply to me regarding this.


    • Jimmy says:

      Kerry Cassidy says that it was a comet passing by,…

      Huge Explosion Spotted On Mars After Comet Siding Spring Passes – yT Video

    • Jim says:

      People have been flying in and out of this solar system for hundreds of thousands of years. Our view of the ‘space race’ is conveniently dumbed down to serve the shadow government. Conventional rockets are a pathetic means of delivering anything into space. Rockets are inefficient, costly and dangerous, that is why NASA uses them. Apparently the Challenger catastrophe was planned and other space shuttle missions are a total hoax.

      The space shuttle nor the tin foil rocket ship Apollo can venture outside our Van Allen belts. Our conventional technology cannot function in deep space nor can man survive. The space shuttle cannot even circumnavigate the moon. And the Apollo space suits are another indicator. From 250 degrees below to 250 degrees above zero that suit would not protect you on the moon, you would die. The shuttle personnel are simply floating in ‘in orbit’ weightlessness, the shuttle is a glorified satellite.

      Anti gravitational vehicles have been around for decades and millenia. Man as we know it, the Nazis, developed them during the 1930’s via the Thule and Vril societies. That ability was channeled to them and apparently the Nazis circumvented the moon in the 30’s – with higher dimensional technology. Similar saucers were seen over Texas in the 1950’s after paperclip brought the (evil) Nazis to America to continue the sinister NWO agenda. (Op ed add) Not all of Germany was bad, watch Ike’s death camp video to see how we have been lied to. Germany is the size of Oregon. Anyone who thinks one little country was going to take over the world is dumb.
      Dig deep its all here, even coordinates to navigate a submarine thru the Antarctic ice cap into the middle earth.

      So long story short, Stanley Kubrick was conscripted by Uncle Sam to fake the moon landing due to his work on Dr. Stranglove and Space Odyssey 2001. He used a disappearing horizon and a 2-way mirror at a 45 degree angle to superimpose one scene onto another. The background was pictures of deserts in Spain Kubrick used for Space Odyssey 2001. I think area 51 and the first soundproof studio constructed west of Langley, VA were used for filming. Check Utube for hoax videos, they are funny.

      Existing outer space technology uses abilities kept secret from us. For instance we know of protons and electrons but gravity is a mystery. The knowledge of gravitons, or monopoles, is kept from us. That is a missing link to anti-gravity mechanisms and free energy. Your professor is lying to you.

      So the Nazis developed this technology and flew around the moon, which is hollow incidentally and bad people were inside. I think they are being ‘checked’ now but their intent was not in our best interest. It beams negative energies on us, hence the term lunatic. That technology was brought to the US (via paperclip) and Nasa is a globalist facade to make us believe we are forging the future. Neil Armstrong et al have eye witness accounts of the surface of the moon and the backside so they saw it. Somehow but not in a tinfoil rocketship. Another part of the cover up involves the fact moon inhabitants did not want us there, if you go to the moon you will be told to leave. Proof we flew around the moon is the Santa Claus statement. The astronauts were not supposed to talk about ET so they used code words. Santa Claus (made famous by NORAD) was ET following one of our missions. Incidentally proof the moon is ‘artificial’, the back side never faces the earth and it’s size and distance from earth perfectly eclipses the sun. That is naturally impossible.

      The joke is Nasa = Never A Straight Answer. The fire and hype is nonsense. Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic uses tilting wings to slow re entry into the atmosphere to prevent burning. A meteor burns and glows as it travels fast and combusts in our dense atmosphere. Nasa could do the same thing but they hype up the re entry to fool the masses into submission, it is fear and it is bullshit. JPL, Rand and McDonnell Douglas are the fronts for this lie.

      Mehran Keshe is an Iranian scientist capable of such technology and part of the reason why whitey is targeting the middle east. They don’t want him manifest his knowledge. He approached NASA in 1984 with free energy propulsion which would render the combustion rocket obsolete. His contribution was rejected because it would put 7,000 JPL scientists out of a job. No shit.

      The shadow government has jump pads, teleportation devices to travel to Mars and a planet near Rigel. It is no big deal. That is why they are trying to turn earth into a dead planet, they have another one to go to. Space travel and teleportation are old news. Your politician, professor, and preacher are all lying to you.

    • Jim says:

      People have been travelling to and from Mars since humans were around. There are plenty of rules in doing so but people break those rules just like we break laws on the surface. We will be surprised at the ‘politics’ going on in this solar system and elsewhere. Incidentally they call us surface dwellers. Mars and Earth are hollow and that is a better place to live, you age quick on the surface.
      I agree with the comments on the Van Allen belts, why wouldn’t Nasa have tested penetrating them at one point? Because they have contact with aliens and space ships and so on.
      You can fly in a ship to Mars but that is slow. There are jump pads to Mars, they are about 12 feet in diameter, shaped like a dodecahedron, and have an angled cross hatch across them like a decoration. Once you get on it and cleared it takes about one second. It hurts your forehead when you teleport via such devices. Also I have reason to believe B. Obama was groomed and went to Mars but frequently memories are wiped plus no one cares which I think is one reason this is never discussed. In addition Mars does not interact with surface dwellers, or very little if they do and for some reason not benevolents. They consider us stubborn and destructive. Lastly some 5D adepts can simply teleport you via their skills, just like telekinesis, bending spoons and such. That is the preferred method but you have to have friends.

      I saw the bit about a base being destroyed on Mars, crazy video indeed. I do not know anything about it but I do know the individuals with access to the jump pads are in league with the shadow government which is in league with evil aliens. The ‘war’ is kept hush hush as the results of striking the opponent are severe. Mutually assured death. I hope its all good as Mars was targeted during the Draco wars a long time ago and that is how that planet almost died. Incidentally the sky is blue on Mars, Nasa altered the pictures since the 1970’s. You can also breathe on the surface. One more point, I do know Earth’s underground bases, DUMB’s and grey bases, were destroyed in 2013 with a sonic pulse shot straight down on top of them. The surface was kept from collapsing.

  4. Jimmy says:

    Yeah,… it certainly makes you wonder how did they actually go to the moon if they also had to go through the Van Allen belts then. You figured by now they would have had that figured out. Also the technology back then wasn’t as sophisticated as that of today,… & I don’t recall they making test flights through the Van Allen belts back then to see how they could get through them unscathed,… ??? Huh,…

  5. Dianne says:

    I’m curious how this now correlates to the the Transparent Dome and UFOs on the Moon in 1969 stories… is it all just a big mess? one story to cover up and another to divert people’s attention and keep them talking about something else?

  6. macdonalddon says:

    ” NASA’s newest spacecraft, Orion, will be launching into space for the first time in December 2014,…”

    ‘Onion’ wooda been a more appropriate name.

  7. Rina Robertson says:

    NASA has been lying for so long and about so many things, it’s become difficult for them to keep track of all their fibs. The truth has a way of surfacing…..even if it takes a while.

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