Mars Base Destroyed: Fact Or Fiction? Benjamin Fulford Video Update

What if the explosion we saw on Mars around the time of Comet Siding Spring really was a Mars base being destroyed? -LW

In the latest video update from the website of Benjamin Fulford we’re told that the ‘battle for planet Earth’ is reaching a final climax while a secretive US base on Mars was recently destroyed. Fulford claims that the 2nd video below captures the Mars explosion and we admit, we have to wonder, we thought this explosion was somehow caused by a passing comet, but clearly there are those who now say otherwise.

We can confirm through MI5 British Intelligence that last week NASA abruptly terminated live coverage of a comet approaching Mars after a planet sized explosion suddenly appeared there.

A US based source who correctly predicted the trouble in the Ukraine and the disappearance of the Malaysian airliner, says the “the US Mars base was destroyed.” British intelligence confirmed that contrary to what the world public has been told, the US did in indeed have people on Mars.

A spokesperson for Japan’s national observatory said “if NASA is not going to comment on that, then certainly we won’t either.”

This writer was also contacted over the phone recently by people claiming to be part of the group that seized the US underground bases. They say they found people in cages and signs of gruesome genetic experiments. The bases remain closed to prevent the Western Cabal elite from fleeing to them, the sources say.










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2 thoughts on “Mars Base Destroyed: Fact Or Fiction? Benjamin Fulford Video Update

  1. Ozzy says:

    What about the Diego Garcia island on the Indian Ocean, I learned that it has a lot to do with all of this crap, when they are going to take over?

  2. Dezynerdave says:

    My understanding was that we have had mixed races on Mars (possibly including ET races), for quite awhile. Check out Laura Eisenhower’s work.

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