Bill Gates GMO Zombie Eggs Coming to a Whole Foods Market Near You?

The good news is that they’re not here, yet. The bad news is that Whole Foods could be among the first to sell them. -LW

A radical “artificial egg” backed by PayPal billionaire Peter Thiel and the “infamous” Bill Gates goes on sale in US supermarkets for the first time. Made from plants, it can replace eggs in everything from cakes to mayonnaise – without a chicken in the equation whatsoever. The “Bio-tech food mutation” team today have already started selling their “plant egg”! It looks like it will be first sold at none other than the beloved “Whole Foods” in California – and some say it could “soon be available in supermarkets worldwide.”

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4 thoughts on “Bill Gates GMO Zombie Eggs Coming to a Whole Foods Market Near You?

  1. Erissa Jooste says:

    I vote God’s foods are best! Long live real foods and real eggs!

    Vegetarians should not mock nature!

  2. macdonalddon says:

    Finally !

    Food you can replicate with a 3D printer.

    To paraphrase…’I love the smell of graphene in the morning’,

    Especially with my mock bacon.

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