Orbital Sciences Explosion at Wallops from 3,000ft

Video Credit: Ed Sealing

Video Credit: Ed Sealing

I took this video of the very unfortunate Orbital Sciences rocket explosion on my iPad Mini. Video was taken in our Cessna 177 Cardinal from an altitude of 3,000ft. Sorry for the sound. I’ll have a better one up once it’s been edited out.

For the record… anyone (new stations or otherwise) is allowed to use this video for broadcast if they would like. I only ask that you give me credit for it. Any maybe give me a shout-out to Sealing Technologies Inc, a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) providing cutting edge research, development, and integration services to the Department of Defense. We specialize in the areas of Distributed Software Engineering, Cyber Security, and Certification & Accreditation. Our goal is to use our expertise in these fields to support the Federal Government in accomplishing their Mission in the most secure, functional, and efficient manner possible. Check us out at www.sealingtech.org!




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One thought on “Orbital Sciences Explosion at Wallops from 3,000ft

  1. Anna says:

    You have to wonder if there wasn’t something on that rocket that was going to be used perhaps for sinister purposes, and maybe the UFO occupants saw to it that it wasn’t carried out.

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