Brainwash Update: How America Recruited, Protected, and Continue to Pay Nazis to this Day

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Abby Martin takes a look at two recent investigative reports from the Associated Press and New York Times, uncovering the recruitment of Nazi spies for the CIA and the US’ policy of giving social security payments to former Nazi leadership.

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3 thoughts on “Brainwash Update: How America Recruited, Protected, and Continue to Pay Nazis to this Day

  1. I think the warren commission had chief allen dulles head of the cia looking into the President J.F.Kennedy assination after J.F.K. said he was going to end the cia . J.F.K. also said he would end the federal reserve banking system J.F.K. had 2 billion dollars in silver backed citificates printed by presidental order # 11101.Were any bankers on the warren commossion ? L. b. johnson vice president had that order revoked 2 weeks after J.F.K. was murdered. The money never was circulated, I wonder was any rogue government people involved??? That case and 911 etc should be relooked into just in case secret organizations are still in power positions .I bet Attorney general R.F.K. or J.F.K. jr would of reopened any can of worms they came across. Better people will get things going to bring america back to the right side of zircons. Will we ever see justice for J.F.K.

  2. casandra says:

    with USA /uk/and allies it is all a matter of double standards without shame or ethics

  3. casandra says:

    who is free of sin throw the first stone …
    Talk is cheap. Talking about Nazis…what are the ZIONISTS doing for years? the jews are more clever…they do not openly kill or burn people…they enslave them financially and mentally….unless they are Palestinians then they massacre them openly and without opposition from the “first world countries”who they control as well.
    If USA allow the Nazis to be in their country is because they are using their knowledge for their own ends on detriment of humanity

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