Kathryn May Resigns from Channeling

This comes as bit of a surprise. It seems that even the channelers are getting tired of the roller coaster ride that has become the RV. It is entirely possible that one of the matrix programs that was targeted at channelers has finally been neutralized. It amazes me that almost none of the RV talk includes the illegal bombing of Iraq by President Obama’s “Coalition Forces.” To me, this should be a red flag where anybody proclaiming knowledge of the RV is concerned. Maybe Kathryn May finally woke up.
Many thanks to Wes for bringing it to our attention on his blog, along with his own insight into the situation. -LW

Dear Friends,

I have decided today to resign from my position as “The Voice of Mother/Father God” and “The Voice of Sananda.” I will not be channeling messages from the Ascended Masters for the foreseeable future. I will explain why.

For several years, I have kept my promise to channel the voices of the Company of Heaven with absolute fidelity. I have changed not a word, not an inflection, not a bit of what they have given to me. I add nothing and leave out nothing. And so, the messages stand as they were given. I do not take credit or blame, except perhaps for having been the messenger for a program that evolved, little by little, into a series of cheerleading, encouraging and repetitive messages which have turned out to be, finally, a carrot without a prize.

I was told unequivocally that it would happen this past weekend, with details, times and specific instructions. I was assured repeatedly that they would never again promise me something that was not to be. I reminded them not to give me details if they are not fact. Once again, after enormous build-up, their date came and went, with more explanations and promises. The same ones, again.

The whole RV build-up was a way to help people envision helping one another to build a new world. I was delighted to represent the promise of hope, peace, and prosperity which could raise all of us out of the dark control of the cabal and discover our own power to change the world. But ultimately, it has been all about money.

The explanation was that we would beat them at their own game, take back control of our institutions, our structures of governance and our own lives, to live no longer under the yoke of the overlord, Money. We were to do this by having more money than God, as we joked. Perhaps this makes sense from a certain perspective – that there are some who can be entrusted with great wealth, who can buy back our freedom and our dignity.

Is this what we really need? This promise of material riches to set us free of the brain-washing, the poverty, the misery and want that was created to keep us divided against one another and against our God?

It has been my life’s work to help people search within themselves for the anchor to their true Center – the heart and soul connection that can free us from the brain-centered selfishness that co-opted all of us into believing we are not good enough, worthy enough unless we have great wealth. I still believe this is the real work we need to do, to be true to the body and soul we were born with, to live a life of integrity and Love regardless of what propaganda and mind-control our brains may have been subjected to along the way.

I will continue this work, the Visual Centering that has proven so effective in helping so many to find their center, to free themselves from childhood pain and childhood programming. This is what matters to me – to see people reach deeply into their hearts, beyond religious beliefs, beyond any teachings or philosophical arguments, to find peace with the beauty they came here to express.

I have given notice to my beloved friends in Higher Dimensions. I will no longer channel any messages from them because they broke their promise to me to activate the revaluation of currencies, the flood of blessings we were promised by this weekend, or I would refuse to channel anything more. I commanded that it be done, and they accepted my declaration that this was enough, enough cheerleading, enough promises, enough explanations and seeming apologies.

We have done our work in good faith. We have searched within to connect with our highest good, and it makes it impossible now to accept anything that is not pure. Pure truth, pure Love and Light does not support manipulation or lies, not for any reason. The end does not justify the means. Not now. Perhaps the months and months of encouraging messages were necessary to help us raise our vibration to accept the energies from the Central Sun. Perhaps you were testing us to see how long we would tolerate any kind of untruth.

I for one will not tolerate it any longer. I have promised to the dear people who have followed me and my messages that a new day is here, and it will be filled with Light and endless Love. I will not be a part of disappointing them again, not for any reason, not for any excuse.

On Earth as it is in Heaven? I do not believe Heaven is a place of tricks and riddles. Only here, in lower dimensions, do we accept half-truths and “well-meaning” white lies. No more. I will not be a part of helping to create a drama, a house of mirrors, a slide down the rabbit hole into upside-down rationalizations, supposedly reasonable sounding explanations and outright lies.

We are aware that God is powerful enough to intervene when the time is right to do so. We have given our vote to request help where we would have faced the threat of assassination if we were to face down the cabal, who feel no restriction against murdering Lightworkers wholesale. Nevertheless, we have taken them on directly before, and I for one have no reluctance about doing so if necessary, if our Friends in High Places refuse to step in as they have promised.

Perhaps that is one of the rules of the game we agreed to before coming here, that we would go it alone, without intervention from outside ourselves. We are told we are Them, we are One, and we have the power to manifest the Paradise on Earth we were taught to envision. If we truly believe that, then we do not need their intervention or their money (Thanks, St. Germain, but are you true to your word?). We are the Light.

I see brilliance all around me – the rising energies of unbelievably talented and powerful individuals who graciously share their blessings, their unconquerable Light, for the benefit of all. Do we really need more than that? When we join with one another to make our world a better place, it does change everything.

Why have we been promised these things that do not materialize? Why have we been asked to believe in the face of endless disappointments? Was it to help us, the small group of Lightworkers who truly trust in God’s good Truth, to finally accept that we need nothing more than our own strong hearts and sturdy souls? We have been forged in the fire of hundreds of lifetimes here. No matter how dense the Veil, we still know we deserve real support, real nourishment for our tired bodies and our souls that really are reaching for the Impossible Dream. We will settle for nothing less.

I pledge my heart and my energy to making our world a better place. Continuing to channel these messages no longer feels right. I am profoundly sad to have to refuse to bring messages from those I love deeply, but I must do so for now, until we are all made aware of why this has been handled in such a strange and uncomfortable way.

Perhaps I will channel again after we have received the blessings I still hope to see manifest, but only after I have been given a clear and reasonable explanation for why we have all been dragged along with endless seemingly empty promises, until everyone is exhausted, fed up and on the verge of losing faith in the proclaimed Gods who profess endless Love. I command that they show us the faithfulness and good will that we have given to them. Nothing less would be fair. Love is Light, and Light is Truth.

I remain, in service to One, Kathryn

Kathryn E. May, October 27, 2014, 10 pm, New York

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I am a Canadian Indigo adult, Reiki Master, and Bitcoin enthusiast. My background is in IT and fixing broken hearts. Since 2012, I have been investigating and debunking (where necessary) much of "truther" movement, particularly in the areas of banking and government. These days, I survive mostly on blog donations and non-corporate IT work. If you find value in my work, please consider making a small donation to patrick29501 [at] gmx.com at GoldMoney.com. (https://www.goldmoney.com/r/WIV0xy)

25 thoughts on “Kathryn May Resigns from Channeling

  1. Mountainbert says:

    It is quite appropriate that numbers add up to ….9…..on the date and time she posted this……9……Signifying….Completion…..has been rather troubling …following her channelings of late.Almost as if keeping People in a state of Flux…. Keeping every thing focused on her channeling and not being Aware of personal surroundings and what’s really going on in the multi verse…..and I feel there are more like her….so sad………Shine your Light…Namaste’….

  2. allura says:

    Its precisely because of so many failed promises that I stop reading her blog for quite some time.

    Its difficult to discern the channelings of evil being when even they are improving their own lies because Kathryn wasn’t the only person who made wrong prediction time to time, even sheldan nidle kepts cheering us up except he dosen’t give dates but adds verbs to his message like “its upon us”, “on the verge” “immiment”, “soon”, “it is decreed” etc

    I guess even she failed to recognized that these being were stroking her ego by declaring her to be the twin flame of sananda and one of the spokesperson of mother/father god including prime creator which is really inflating her status…….and all those were a pack of lies.

    Cameron day was the first to warn us about these masquerading false light that eventually 3 moret testimonies confirm the truth of that article like like yellow rose, tolec and Andrew bartzis.

  3. Theresa Cline says:

    I agree with you Kathryn. yesterday I was saying the same thing. We stand as one. Love to all beings, Terri

  4. Ines says:

    Why is everyone making excuses for this woman’s bad judgement? what about the Palestinians? Don’t they deserve prosperity and light? What about the Ukraines, don’t they deserve love and light? What about her victims? The ones she gave bad advice to? Nobody is talking about them, she didn’t even apologize for anything. She thanks her supporters but ignores the ones that she hurt through her bad judgement. You love and light people only see light and feeling disempowered because you’re always waiting for something or someone. Get over it.

  5. Ines says:

    No surprise to me, I have been writing about her for over a year now, she didn’t wake up, she ran out of financial support as her flock was leaving in droves. Within 24 hours she’s already changed her tune, she was testing to see how many supporters she has. The truth will come soon, but she’s finished finally. First she won’t channel then she might after the RV, now she wants to explain why her messages were strange, you know, she’s like an energizer bunny, keeps going and going and going as long as donations come in.

    • That may be Ines… It wouldn’t surprise me, in the least, but we’re all free to believe in whichever invisible deities we choose… I’ve been studying this “channeller” phenomenon for 30 years. It amazes me that today’s popular channels are involved with an historic figure of some sort.

      Once people learn that Eastern mysticism and the Lords of Karma are creations of the cabal, it is kind of hard to take a lot of this stuff seriously. Promoting things like “Ascended Masters” only reinforces the idea of separation, and continues to impose the myth that we need to be anything more than we already are, that we are, somehow, less than perfect.

      “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” –Albert Einstein

      The above quote can be applied to following channellers, Dinar gurus, politicians, etc.

      Like it or not, people are donating to Kathryn May to hear what they want to hear, like we do in so many other situations.

  6. Robert says:

    Steven is right. I went thru this same stuff back in the 1990’s. Promise’s and lies. Everything finally collapsed from all the deception. I should write a book about it all. Anyway … you have to be very careful about channeling. You just don’t know who or what is behind it.

    • Christine Davis says:

      Kathryn, just take this as an indication that you need to take time for yourself. Nothing more. The Event WILL happen, we just need to focus on the positive emotions and what it will FEEL like when have financial security, fiscal justice, etc. WE SHOULD FOCUS ON THE ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL EMOTIONS AND FEELINGS THAT WE HAVE AT THE PROSPECT OF RV AND WORLD PEACE. Focus leads to Thought leads to Emotion of the eventual manifestation. Don’t trip on the ‘eventual’ part. It will be PERFECT! Just like you have channeled for us. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your continued support of ALL OF US! LOVE, Christine

  7. Antonio Carlos M. Gonçalves says:

    She is correct. I would do the same thing. Something is not quite right in this story. We shall see.

  8. Christine Davis says:

    Thank you Kathryn for following your HEART! You are and continue to be an inspiration to us ALL. I LOVE YOU! I know we will connect again soon. Above all else, expect Benevolent Changes and Stay EXCITED!!!

  9. Cindy Sachs says:

    Kathryn is doing a show tonight at 8 PM EST 7 PM CST 5 PM PST
    It’s an open talk show to discuss how she came to this decision and the lines will be open for discussion.

  10. Wilda says:

    I think we need to remember that we are all God’s creations, even those who channel and the disbelievers.

  11. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    I think that Kathyrn was channeling the higher realms, and sometime this year some other beings were interfering and changing the messages to where the original beings were no longer channeled. Others have noticed this deception for several months this year also. Hopefully with a break Kathryn will again use discernment and channel the beings that are who they say they are. And share truth, love, honesty, and assistance to us.

  12. I am sad to hear this. I know it is very hard to stay the course, but we must. It is in our being to know we are one light, that only staying true to the heart of unconditional love strengthens the light, which which will not let the darkness win. We chose to embrace all and in this we will grow. Love to you and thank you for your light, love and messages. They have not fallen on deaf ears. We will see the change very soon I feel deep in my core. Hugs heart to heart we are one. Char

    • Wilda says:

      I understand your anguish, Kathryn, as I have been believing that great change was imminent for years. Now I still believe and still hope for great change but with a heavier heart. God Bless

  13. Ana says:

    Tanaath of Silver Legion spoke of this a long time ago in at least one YouTube interview. She said the channelings were manipulated by the reptilians and the Galactic Federation of Light (different from Galactic Federation of Planets) was also a reptilian front. Point was to keep people distracted and on the edge of their seats waiting instead of living life.

  14. Steven says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people genuinely believe they ae channelling higher dimensional, all loving entities…its nonsense…they almost certainly dont exist beyond the well meaning but deluded minds of the so called channellers..Ms. May has finally realized the truth…since the 60’s these so called Ascended Masters, or Pleiadians or Galactic Federation entities have preached love and peace and a bright tomorrow, the actual result? A world even more screwed up now than ever before.

    The only potentially real channeled information is from negative beings. the Archons, who love to feed us hope and better times, whilst actually keeping us sad, depressed and full of negativity which they feed off.

    All channelers are dishonest fakers making a living out of peoples gullibility, or well meaning, honest, but deluded people of integrity.

    Stay away from channelers, trust your own intuition and connection to your multi level, higher dimensional self and your natural connection to The All That Is.
    Blessings Steven

  15. Throwing money at money does not get at the root of the problem. Such messages should be taken very lightly. Attachment to result factors in as a big no-no.

    Regroup. Go deeper, very deep. Try them again from a fresh, non-attached perspective. Perhaps there is something to Forgive. Whatever you do, don’t give up. NEVER GIVE UP! Find out what your years of service to these apparent light workers was really about.

    Jesus, thank you for sending the miracle of Love to Kathryn May; help her achieve any goal she sets.

  16. Jimmy says:

    Kathryn,… I completely understand,… & I agree w/ your decision,… God Bless,… !!!

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