Galactic News Network (GNN): Timeline Update with Andrew Bartzis

I’ve been trying to get this posted for a couple of days… Andrew discusses where we are, how to help shape our future, the secret space fleet (500 craft) and their purpose, alchemy, dreams and how ‘they’ are trying to control us and steer us toward a negative timeline (timeline incursions) flashbacks, avoiding routine and predictability, and more so we can stay anchored in this positive timeline.

My takeaway was to be more spontaneous in daily tasks, as part of the effort to break the “AI programming” (AI = Artificial Intelligence). -LW

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5 thoughts on “Galactic News Network (GNN): Timeline Update with Andrew Bartzis

  1. Me too, a beautiful violet flame.

  2. meekie says:

    @Sose Exactly,..I can see through these type of creatures, the cambell soup can on the ladies cup is kinda weird for folks into light sorry don’t buy it. This guy looks like the guy who violently verbally attacked me in a parking lot recently…8/

  3. For All says:

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    Again, thank you LW. We must hold the positive timeline. I haven’t listened to this yet but will be soon to do so. Alfred Webre also confirms how we are on a positive timeline.

  4. Sose Gjelaj says:

    I am going to blow on this reptalian

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