Hundreds of UFOs Flying Directly Over Astana, Kazakhstan, June 20th, 2014

Unless you are a fan of acid rock, you’ll probably want to turn off the sound before watching this amazing video. -LW

Location: Astana Kazakhstan
Date: 20th June 2014

What on earth could fly like this so close to each other when there is literally hundreds bunched together? This amzing light show was recorded over Kazakhstan on the 20th of June and the video speaks for itself. White Orbs flying around each other high in the sky had to of caught the attention of the entire city of Astana.
What is your thoughts on this amazing yet very odd sighting?

Witness statement: Photographed by me in the night from 19 to 20 June 2014 on a digital camera Sony HDR-SR11E. Original MTS file format I can send the mail (136,740,864 bytes). To pour on Youtube were converted to Aiseesoft MTS Converter.

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2 thoughts on “Hundreds of UFOs Flying Directly Over Astana, Kazakhstan, June 20th, 2014

  1. John East says:

    Fireflies, hence the image widely out of focus on the distant ground shots, i.e. the mystery flashing lights were up close.

  2. TRUTHBETOLD says:

    Hahaha “acid rock.” Pretty funny! Whatever it was it sure looked cool.
    Thanks for sharing…
    I look fwd to many more sightings from now on and I am so looking fwd to contact.

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