Front Page of Today’s Globe and Mail (Canadian Newspaper)

I would wager that this was press-ready before the Ottawa Shooting even happened. These people need to know that we’re not fooled by their psychopathic antics, anymore. The time for this to end is now. -LW

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3 thoughts on “Front Page of Today’s Globe and Mail (Canadian Newspaper)

  1. Ideas Time says:

    The real news is that they have lied so many times that only the stupid sheep buy the bs false flags anymore and in the big picture they really don’t matter anyway. As for msm constant lying, why would anyone believe anything they say anymore with all the faked green screened faked news. In spite of msm, most people know now the that 9-11 was an inside job and used nukes to bring down the towers, well at least two of them. I even heard now that the architects and engineers are in step with the corp. gv to cover this fact up. When I hear the msm start covering the fed, irs, blm cdc and start telling the truth about who they are and who owns them, I will not waist my time on them and fraud rigged elections that make you think you had a choice in the selection your next corporate foreign agent per USC.

  2. Demitra M. N. says:

    Boy, in terms of the headlines I’ve seen in both english and french newspapers today, they’re really going all out to make a huge deal out of this “singular” shooting (no disrespect intended to the individual who was shot point blank). Back in 1989 when 28 students were shot at the Ecole Polytechinque in Montreal, I honestly do not recall the media covering that particular tragedy with as much “shock and awe” as we’re seeing here today. Yet, this shooting is so innocuously minor by comparison. The kicker is that average people are desperately snapping up those papers from the newstands like their lives depend on it and eagerly lapping up the fear porn to go with yesterday’s ebola panic. Ugh.

  3. enyiah says:

    Fooled or not the ones orchestrating this do not give a &?%$! They are calling the shots through propaganda and humanity is being taken hostage. Of course we know the politicians and the corporations that own them are to blame. How much longer are innocent lives going to be lost because of their politics/actions? How much longer does humanity have to suffer under the hand of the real criminals here? I for one find the burden gets more and more difficult to bear with each passing day! Where or where will true justice manifest? I’d like to witness some kind of MAJOR turnaround for the forces of Light. I’m sick of this. When does it stop?

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