YellowRoseForTexas: Ed’s Big Freak out & More

Fans of YellowRoseForTexas, Rose covers a lot of material in this interview from October 11th, 2014. People will be stunned if even half of what she says is true. Amazing stuff! -LW

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3 thoughts on “YellowRoseForTexas: Ed’s Big Freak out & More

  1. Spock says:

    “YR” explained the earth as being a three tiered spaceship – no real planet !
    On the surface of this spaceship the “earth” we live in is put on like a mat with all surroundings we see and live in. The whole thing functions as a giant server that is controlled through various computer programs.
    Our controllers program what happens here – what in fact means, that every catastrophe is like an “app” that is included in the system by the bad guys and functions in combination with the fake sun called “ED”. If you follow the “setchi images” of NASA that for instance alo “BP earthwatch” on youtube presents on his channel, you will find out, that all of those scenarios “YR” is talking about, are comprehensible. The “Ed is dead” video of her shows the constant bombarding of the fake sun “ED” with laser beams and other high tech weapons from the allies. She explained also, that we were put here in a timeloop that constantly rewinds our reality artificially and erases parts of our memory, so that we believe that our written history must be thousands of years old – in real time we have had a time period, of not much more than a hundred years ! The allies have stopped those catastrophes now and froze them on the “server” until we have finished our task of getting out of the hands of the reptile hostage takers.
    “Starship earth” has reached the edge of the “Oort cloud” now and is “parked” there to get out of this scenario here at the right moment and make the leap to the “new earth”.
    When you free your mind from all other brainwashing and realize the scenario YR is talking about, you will find out that it does make sense.
    The reptiles invaded us and took us over – they crossed the species of man with snakes what has transformed us into human (part of our brain is reptile). This started the war, because every species has a branch in the “tree of life” and every branch has “parents”. So our parents were/are in war with the reptile branch since the invasion and have turned the card now. At the end of one “book of life” each branch of species has to be summarized, what is not possible when you cross-breed a species. This was/is the dilemma humanity is in, because the parents of our species branch want their children back, what is a difficult task if you cannot decide who is from you and who belongs to the snake branch… Remember all those giant objects around the sun in the last years that appeared on youtube videos ? Those objects were at first spaceships on a mission and in the last months the fake sun “ED” was partly destroyed (if not completely taken control of), so those actual big objects are parts of the explosions that took place there. This fake sun is/was the main control object for he reptiles to remote control us and our time here on earth. The war against the reptiles was officially won around 2010, but the snakes never hold a promise. When they declare submission and you turn your back on them they suddenly stab you in your back again. So this is the reason, why the war is partly now still raging and not yet completely over. In the last “Setchi images” from NASA (NASA did cut off many of tose pics in the process) you see that our so called “planets” in this so called “sun system” (what it in my opinion never has really been) are in fact battleships, guarding us in this prison here. Most of those “planets” are now severly damaged or destroyed by the allies! We don’t see anything of this happening in our sky or “space”, because the “planet earth” is wrapped in a hologram that is a fake firmament. Guiliana Conforto, the italian astonomist/astrologist declared about a year ago, that earth is in reality wrapped in “plasma screens” that surround us and give us a fake impression of space. So the real deal happens unseen for us beyond the veil !
    This is really a strange story (and i can give only a short glimpse of it), i know, but what YR explains you can all follow in the comments section of her videos on youtube or on this site :

    Fascinating indeed 😉

  2. allura says:

    This all weird

    cameron day became unpopular when he was the first one to say publicly that archangels and the light forces where all construct of these demiurge playing us to choose a side which both came from the same evil source so we would become trapped again “willingly”.

    yellowrose was the first one to say there are battle of the planets where Saturn was evil and so is Jupiter thru soho images that most of us don’t understand even when shown and so was our planet being flat.

    Andrew bartzis being a galactic historian mentioned both and said that nesara was a psyop when just everyone was hoping for a redemption which the true intel are just coming out for us to realize that it seemed it was.

    All are so confusing especially for yellow rose. she seemed to be saying that we are being liberated by some other powerful beings only to be controlled by our next would be conquerer/”savior”. It made it sound like we are merely a prize to be won by a manipulator and nothing more.

  3. Reblogged this on Angel 4 Light and commented:
    More awakening is the fact that we are on a Flat Earth. I will post more about this soon.
    I kept having dreams that we are on a Spacecraft but we were somehow trapped in a Holladeck. I see light beings a lot now and see through the Matrix. The information here is amazing. Be blessed

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