Soldier and assailant dead after chaotic Parliament Hill attack

First the US had a gunman walk into the White House. Now, Canada has a gunman firing shots on Parliament Hill. Do you think this was a staged event? -LW

A Canadian soldier was killed and a security guard wounded. An assailant has also died.

At least 30 shots are fired inside the main building of Canada’s Parliament Hill, after a gunman shot and killed a soldier at the Canadian War Memorial in Ottawa.

By:  Ottawa Bureau reporter,  Ottawa Bureau reporter, Published on Wed Oct 22 2014

OTTAWA — A Canadian soldier was killed and a Parliament Hill security guard wounded Wednesday morning in a chaotic attack on the nation’s capital that police believe involved more than one assailant.

One assailant was also killed.

Shootings occurred at the National War Memorial and Parliament Hill. Contrary to early reports, no shooting occurred near the Rideau Centre mall, Ottawa police said.

Witnesses described seeing the soldier, who was serving as a ceremonial guard at the foot of the cenotaph, shot at point-blank range before the gunman ran off in the direction of Parliament Hill.

Sirens blared and buildings in the area went under lockdown as police and soldiers continued the manhunt into Wednesday afternoon.


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4 thoughts on “Soldier and assailant dead after chaotic Parliament Hill attack

  1. False Flag Alert! US Army Increases Security at Arlington Nat’l Cemetery after Canada Shootings!

    Canadian Parliament Shooting – Signs point to False Flag or Hoax

  2. macdonalddon says:

    Hmmm, wonder from what branch of the military that its found the ‘gunman’ received his prog…er, I mean training ?

    Notice how when they are simply eliminating a political figure capable of initiating positive change, they immediately conclude it was a lone gunman, but when they are killing someone to promote fear, they always leave the number of gunmen open to wild speculation.

  3. Susanne R says:

    Ditto, Demitra. Well said. These cabalist A-holes are basically trapped rats striking out at anything that moves. Desperation time because the game is up. They are going down!!!!

  4. Demitra M. N. says:

    How convenient the shooter was taken down, just as they always are when it’s a staged event. And the gunfire, meant to induce fear in the six o’clock viewer audience, was just their dramatic musical score.

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