Riot Police Shoot At Houses In Keene And Attack Innocent Bystanders

First, the parking meters. Now, this? -LW

As we reported on Monday, a series of riots broke out over the weekend in Keene, New Hampshire during an annual college event that brings thousands of people into the town each year.

Compared to protests and riots that are tied to political and social movements, the police reacted to the mayhem with more restraint than would be expected.

However, a large number of people, many of whom were innocent, were still assaulted and injured by police this past weekend in Keene.

As rioters destroyed property in multiple residential neighborhoods, police were busy blocking innocent people from traveling and breaking up private parties.

In the video below, taken by activist Alex Moushey, police can be seen shooting pepperballs at residential houses, and attacking a man who was just walking down the street.

Long after the riots were over, police had set up checkpoints throughout the town, which prevented anyone in the area from traveling, even those who had no involvement in the riots.

In a video released this week,  3 young men are seen walking down the street when they encounter police. The police order them to go into their houses, and they respond by saying that they were hungry, and then they continue to walk toward their destination.

A large group of police immediately descend upon the three students and throw them to the ground, placing them in handcuffs. Cop Block activists followed the police as they carried the students to a large white van. As he is being arrested, one of the students can be heard shouting at the officer, “how many times did you need to punch me in the face?”

It is important to remember that while there were criminals on the streets committing crimes against property and individuals, that does not give the police the right to indiscriminately attack and arrest innocent people for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

**Special thanks to Free Keene for providing on the ground coverage of the riots and police activity at this year’s Pumpkin Festival.**

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3 thoughts on “Riot Police Shoot At Houses In Keene And Attack Innocent Bystanders

  1. Demitra M. N. says:

    I totally agree, robert! In fact, what you are describing here is the ideal (buddha) mindset for living life — anyone’s, everyone’s — yet… virtually very few in this dark infested world go to the trouble of investing themselves in walking this path and perfecting such a mindset, much less, cops. In a way, cops represent the outer manifestation of this “lazy” impetus that motivates so many people as they go about ignoring what is right in front of their faces. Oftentimes, the (un)thinking mind of the average person is so incredibly thick and coarse that it’s responses to every other person is nothing short of an invitation for trouble.

    I certainly don’t agree with what happened to those three young men, however, had they bothered to consider the outcome of ignoring the overt demands (read: threats) of “authorized bullies”, those who are dressed for attack and armed for combat, they may have found another way of dealing with the matter. Trouble certainly does have a way of spilling out unnecessarily when no one wants to be the humble thoughtful one in a dangerously tense situation. Essentially, when everyone imagines themselves to be the kickass bad guy, then open aggressiveness WILL occur even and despite the fact that we don’t overtly instigate any attacks ourselves. It’s actually our distainful mindsets that trigger it in those who are fundamentally brutal in their thinking.

    If we really want to clean these rats out of the house, every single one of us must educate ourselves about the dangerous world we live in and the complex web of conspiracies that abound. Fundamentally, we can’t change what we don’t understand. Collectively, the biggest obstacle we have is getting the average person to STop unthinkingly swallowing the propaganda being spewed by mainstream news and start taking the conspiracy FACTS, those being covered in-depth by numerous alternative news networks on-line, waaaay more seriously.

    • robert says:

      Very well said Demitra. I think many of these young people have chosen consciously to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, …or right place and time, if you shift your perspective. Many of their peers complained they were not from Keene or the university there, and were trampling the grass and private property and were unwelcome because they were misrepresenting the locals. Perhaps so but each one is an individual case not deserving to be lumped in with the rest. While few of the demonstrators may know their soul contracts, I feel that many came to be here now to do what they are doing…react strongly to the police state, to accelerate the choosing of Americans to support shaking up the status quo or defend it…much like what happened in the 60’s with the counterculture demonstrations who stood up and spoke truth to power and were vilified by many Americans who were not ready to see the truth of Vietnam, nor central and south America or Africa at the time. Hence the show, “All In The Family” was a very divisive show at the time as many people identified with the Archie Bunker mentality, yet as time went on…many more shifted to support the positions of “Meathead”. Great show for the times and very unusual it was even allowed. I am grateful for the mission of these young ones to stand up to the machine and spit in it’s eye…I feel it is necessary to break the stalemate of control of the mass mind and enlighten them as to the police state. The older ones like myself cannot easily do these things anymore, but many do still try, bless their hearts.

  2. robert says:

    Police…all pumped up for “violence”, but like most bullies, they are only tough when they pick on someone much smaller or known to have no fighting prowess (or weapon-less). The wrong assessment of the job’s qualifications, has led the police forces to value the “tough-guy” but tough in what ways? They have chosen to admire the guy who has a need for testosterone swagger and adrenaline addiction. But the job really needs a person who has native ability to read body language and read people’s demeanor quickly and accurately, yet has the ability to almost be in a slow motion state of mind akin to deep meditation, while engaged in his job’s rigors. It needs men with balance mentally, who are slow to take offense and understand the many ways people can easily get off kilter…yet are willing to be patient and not look for rigorous perfection and adherence to statutes that should be guides for enforcement, not a license to kick butt….

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