Update from Neil Keenan, via Drake

I’m not sure where Neil gets his information, but I don’t ever remember him talking about the GCR/RV. Maybe the Ambassador contacted him, as well as Dave Schmidt. I honestly don’t know. Regardless, it appears that the Keenan Team sent the following internet chat transcript to Drake, and it is getting people excited in Dinarland and NESARA/GESARA-land. -LW


[2:28:08 PM] Neil Keenan: Listen I am not sure if this is true or not but I believe not and I bring it to you so you know what it is like to wait for the rightful answer.

in its entirety…..I will know for sure later but for now this is what I have received and I doubt if true but you never know.  I know some of the names and some are and some are not real players and have been involved in things off color over the years.  Here you are.  We are on top of it.

[2:28:17 PM] Neil Keenan: BREAKING NEWS:

1. At 2 pm Obama signed with the Chinese, bankrupting the Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve is being swallowed up by the UST under new leadership.

2. At 6 PM PST, Robert Won is going to go in and sign over the gold.

3. At Midnight EST the Organic Act of 1871 is repealed and the US Corporation is NO MORE. Long live the REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES, ONE NATION UNDER GOD WE TRUST!

4. At Midnight PST, “the Admiral” goes in.

5. At midnight PST, IRAQ goes in to include the REINSTATEMENT rate of 3.58 internationally and with a $6 – 8.00 US rate, to gather in IQD for oil credits.

6. General Ham is taking over the US Government and Commander Fairfield is taking over the Treasury.

[2:28:31 PM] Neil Keenan: I will let you know asap…..


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20 thoughts on “Update from Neil Keenan, via Drake

  1. Spock says:

    Mmmhh….don’t want to be a spoiler,, but both of those (Drake and Keenan) support the other side of the coin. Yes, everybody is looking out for that money – that’s what they have brainwashed us into from day one, so we cannot believe that this is only another bait that they laid out for us to chew on. But as long this whole financial scam was and is produced by the “crisis actors” (Keenan and Drake), it is the last chance for the dark side to get us once more into their realm of deceit and lies ! They really don’t want to do this as a bonus to us, but as their last trick to hold us in their favor. I really recommend to think about it !
    By the way – there really is a life without money (Michael Tellingers “Ubuntu” is a good example of that) – a life without money is a life in freedom and peace, cause here is nothing more to fight among each other and there is no more greed and jealousy…that would be a shock for he scum to see that their prey and their slaves would really become independent !

    • Very true, Spock. To me, this is just further evidence that this stuff was all scripted in the 1960s. It seems the script has been updated this week, to accommodate recent actions by China.

      I like Michael Tellinger’s Ubuntu platform. In his own words, it is going to take time to get everyone able to do this. For smaller communities (villages and towns) it should be relatively easy, but the large cities will need a considerable amount of time to be transformed. 😉

      • Dezynerdave says:

        Michael is a great guy. I got to meet him about three years ago at he and Kerry Cassidy’s talk. He was talking about “contribution-ism” then and it truly sounds ideal. I believe it is the way of the future (not too distant) and we will get there. Also saw him at last years “Contact in the Desert” along with Dr. Steven Greer, Laura Eisenhower, David Sereda and many more. All incredible souls who are bravely working to bring forth the truth…Like you are LW! 🙂

  2. Nancy C/Seattle says:

    I haven’t really been following the dinar thing, although it appears to be somehow hooked in with the Special Drawing Rights (SDR’s) JC Collins talks about and the Re-Valuation/Global Currency Reset.

    I am posting link to what does sound like upbeat news from dinaradvice.com.


    • Nancy, you’re not missing much by not following the Dinar thing. At present, it isn’t tied-in with the SDRs, but if there really is a Global Currency Reset, it could be. Since SDRs are a creation of the Bank for International Settlements, I sincerely hope the SDR disappears. -LW

  3. Jan says:

    If this is NOT true, then the reports of Neil being a disinfo troll is true (IMHO). Trolls are also good at bringing so much hope, that disappointment becomes an even larger wave of negativity in the broader spectrum. Why would ANYONE say anything like this BEFORE it’s confirmed? And that, Brothers and Sisters, is how you know who the frauds are.

    Don’t forget about the HUGE Ebola and ISIS threats are STILL in full force, and troops ARE being sent in to participate in the lies.

    Change your focus to your immediate lives by envisioning what you believe to be paradise. Day dream a LOT, and if you can, participate in your own dreams.

    • Jan, a while ago, Cobra said that Neil Keenan had joined forces with the Black Dragon, who was no longer aligned with the RV/GCR. I don’t know why Neil would say something like this–it is certainly different from what we have come to expect from him. It is also exactly what Dinarland was built on: rumours and speculation.

      I’ve been saying for a while that we won’t see an RV while we still have chemtrails. In the last couple of weeks, I have amended that to include both ISIS and Ebola.

      If weDO have an RV while we still have chemtrails, ISIS, and an Ebola scare, then you will know that the banking cartel is still running the show. 😉

    • ~china~ says:

      Jan, thank You…aaah…so…in my~paradise~ i Day dream a Lot…and It Is a Paradise…Namaste

  4. Ines says:

    For all those that have been waiting I sure hope he is right but neither him or Drake have so far shown any results of their so called helping humanity job.

    • None of them have been, have they, Ines?

      • Ines says:

        Not that I am aware of. I’ve never been a follower of theirs, but I do watch these people to catch them in their bullshit, all I see is people waiting everyday for years for the RV to happen. I started watching the Dinar scam last year and have been watching one person in particular Tony TNT, only because father god and mother god that Kathryn E. may channels claimed last year that they were going to send St. germain to interfere and get that RV going, they also said to listen to Tony because he was one of them. A year later, Tony is still saying the same thing on his conference calls “folks, we should not be here today, we should be at the banks”. go figure.

      • Ines, the RV is a speculative investment, but for some reason, their has been a whole industry of these “Dinar gurus” built around it. I began following it about two years ago. It didn’t take me long to figure out that most of them don’t know what they are talking about. Add to that the fact that 90% of channellings are pure BS, it has all the makings of an epic reality show.

        My aged mother was oh so excited when Kathryn May told everybody that Saint Germaine would stay “in the closet” until the RV happened. He didn’t last a week! That was back in August. She still listens to the Kathryn. Why she does is beyond me. She occasionally has lucid moments when she realizes that none of them know what they’re talking about, but she’s always on the next call or reading the next message. It’s astonishing (and disappointing).

      • Ines says:

        I know, but we must respect each other’s journey and that’s hard to do especially when we see such obvious things happen to their detriment, but it is the lesson they chose to learn, I know I didn’t come here to believe anything these so called higher dimensional beings have to say but then we are all at different levels of evolution or soul growth. I struggle with this everyday, seeing the obvious bullshit yet respecting each one for their beliefs.

  5. Nancy C/Seattle says:

    I have no difficulty believing Drake, Neil & Dave Schmidt are absolutely correct. That is that things shifted last week, a process is in place and the main obstacle to awareness s Mainstream Media. People need to realize The New York Times didn’t just fail to report on 911, they were in on the whole op from the get go and got their 20 million pay off.

    Gordon Duff, Veterans today talking about 20 Million payoffs to 911 perps

    1:18:49 They did that and made a $7 billion payday, and after that they put in place organizations. They took a primary 9/11 plotter and put him in charge of the Department of Homeland Security where all investigations could be quashed immediately. All of the criminal cases tied to 9/11 went to a US Attorney who was involved in 9/11 planning. The most powerful lobbying groups in Washington and think tanks were all involved in planning 9/11. The documents Gordon receives list payoffs; what it takes to silence people. You figure out who you are, what it would take, and what your life is worth. One figure was used continually. You pay someone off with $20 million no more or less. Why this figure? They went through Congress, department after department, through the FBI, Department of Justice, and gave these people $20 million. Accounting done in Caribbean island and handled through Cayman Islands. All these people now, hundreds of them who know everything about terror of 9/11, are sitting there with $20 million, and Obama just cut them off from their cash.

    Regarding Obama blocking payoff earlier in the link:

    59:19 Obama blocking money laundering for a number of months, is the most dangerous thing he has done and is tied to these issues: tied to Wanta and his money, tied to NASA payoffs of people involved in 9/11 and subsequent financial crimes, and huge thefts out of the Pentagon, and why investigators in the Pentagon were killed, and computers destroyed.

    Do watch these two short videos regarding Hollywood & Washington Satanic rituals as the price people pay for fame and wealth. Notice the 20 million Illuminati pay off to recruits willing to set up their mother or child in a high profile death. At 7:31 mark the narrator comments on a news article regarding Nicole Kidman says she never looks at mirrors, explaining most of them don’t have mirrors in their homes because people who participate in enough satanic rituals literally see demons when they look in a mirror.

    Truth Rising: The Blood Sacrifice of Travon Martin

    The 20,000,000 Sacrifice Club

  6. Dezynerdave says:

    God please let this be true! It is beyond time for the “Golden Age” of love and light to shine. Blessings to all…

  7. Ginny says:

    Wow! General Ham? Have my prayers been answered? It’s the only way to straighten out this mess; but every time I hear this stuff, it’s like a good dream. Just a dream. Nothing much shows up in space and time.

    Hope you are right.

    • All I know is that Neil Keenan hasn’t really discussed these things a whole lot, especially the RV. Since he withdrew his liens against the G7 banks, he has spent most of his time in Indonesia, making YouTube videos. This is a real change from what he normally shares with us.

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