Everything You Need To Know About Ebola In 94 Seconds – Educate Inspire Change

You can’t look anywhere without seeing or hearing about the ‘Ebola crisis’. Some people are panicking whilst others are saying there is nothing to fear. My best advice is to stay calm, do your research and do not be fed ‘fear’ by the mainstream media. This short video I feel gives an excellent explanation of what Ebola is. Share it around.


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4 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About Ebola In 94 Seconds – Educate Inspire Change

  1. vaughn raup says:

    Here’s an excerpt from the UCLA article on beforeitsnews.com
    “Legion Ella pneumopjilia, commonly known as Legionnaire’s disease is a deadly virus often found in water. It can be eliminated from water by heating it to around 145 degrees. Alternatively colloidal silver with 20 ppm can destroy this virus on its own.”

    Did I hear that silver does not work on viruses?

  2. Where is Governor Rick Perry , im surprised he not taking a leadership position on the ebola situation in Texas ?

  3. forest says:

    Do research on vit-c this is the key factor. Also Colloidal Silver.
    Get back to nature. Positive thinking cosmic white light spiritual state of love and compassion. Stop eating live protein animals.
    Help each I mean really help each other. Do not judge or have preconceive ideas about each other. Be kind. The earth humans are out of sync they are not on their sprit path.
    Great Blessing “The Cosmic Scoop”
    Ms. Forest

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