Dave Schmidt: Chinese Will be Running IMF, World Bank, and Federal Reserve

Dave Schmidt tells us the Republic is finally being restored; announcements on the way. (No timelines are given)

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14 thoughts on “Dave Schmidt: Chinese Will be Running IMF, World Bank, and Federal Reserve

  1. vaughn raup says:

    Hey LW… I am really impressed with the great up to date news you are giving us and no doubt BP is quite satisfied. Here’s toast to you $$$$$.
    Hope we get some more confirmation today.

    Thanks for your dedication

  2. Jackie says:

    This is good news, a long time waiting.

  3. Shane jessop says:

    great news. A lot of innocent people have died and been bought to their knees for so long. I hate to see how America has become due to the corruption and all the wars that have killed and left innocent people injured and scared and homeless and how the American public are included as the enemy. I hope the light can now shine for all and we can become a great planet. Shane

  4. solar bloom says:

    The seven minute interview alluded to in the above program promo — with the Dragon Family ambassador — is essential listening! My Pleiadian heartspace spidey-sense indicates a genuine and authentic voice here…the energy signature rings true!!! ❤ So excited!!!



    They ALL should be arrested tried and given the appropriate penalty for the shit they have done, not acquired.

  6. Carlos Pinto says:

    It was also said the white hats are controlling the weather. How are they not able to quit the spraying of chemtrails?

  7. Dezynerdave says:

    I get his updates and I sure hope this is true!

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