MSM Responds to Reporter who “Spilled the Beans”

One of the mainstream media organizations has responded to the book written by the reporter in this video, who admitted that all news is fake. They claim it isn’t true. Imagine that! -LW

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Opinion of the Federal Association of German Zeitungsverpfleger on the allegations of the former journalist Udo Ulfkotte in his book ” Purchased journalists ” . “We reject the allegations of Mr. Ulfkotte, our employed by us journalists or free journalistic staff were bought, back in full journalists can perhaps rent , but our journalists are not for sale! 

Lord Ulfkotte who has apparently lost contact with the editorial reality since his departure from the quality media, are essential details of today’s editorial work unfamiliar and those of earlier practices apparently omitted. purchase means in the civil sense, the transfer of ownership of a thing against a consideration.

As such a purchase is usually final. rental however, is a continuing obligation., it may be limited and it can be resolved within specified time limits. Unlike the previous obsequious and uncritical reporting are present government majorities are in modern democracies in constant flux. A purchase journalistic services on a permanent therefore eliminated. 

The natural rhythm of today’s four-or five-year parliamentary terms therefore also corresponds to better the design of a rental agreement for journalistic care services last just as long. During this time our staff members accompany the informal , our Mietgeber technically sound in the structural formation of opinion . Constructive means ‘ of matching, easily replaceable parts assembled ‘ . 

There is an unprecedented achievement, how today’s diverse media landscape of the Federal Republic from the originally licensed by the Allies press organs in free development constituted has. , the German quality journalism is while on the floor of the free democratic basic order of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Censorship does not take place . With this principle of federal republican constitution our journalistic staff are always handled carefully . fundamental rights to use as is known by too intense or too frequent use from . 

We have always taken into account by appropriate restraint and so much helped a European house of law and trust transatlantic relations to create and consolidate. Though you, dear readers, not so far may have been aware of: by our careful handling of diversity of opinion is this you remained to this day at all ! Therefore, we are proud of our journalistic achievements. But journalistic quality has its price! In particular, our readers, especially our subscribers should remember to would be how much higher the price of our products, our ideas would not afford their material and non-material contribution to our products. 

Here this cooperation is not limited to direct subsidies. Be estimated as high is also the direct assistance in the preparation and presentation of editorial content . Without this preliminary work would often be much more expensive research work to do. Also could without such preparatory work editorial appointments often can not be reliably maintained . 

In addition, the supply of well-trained journalistic professionals is limited. Hence, you will understand that information services in the public sector are often the employer of first choice just in our qualified young journalists. To want to make against this trend of time, would be the downfall of the free press. 

A decade-long cooperation in this field with a rotating exchange of employees has therefore proven itself and is a stabilizing effect on the media landscape. Numerous networking opportunities, such as free Mitreisegelegenheiten for our Journalists and the shared use of secure communication structures or free room and board in a particular case is offer us Verpflegern at all possible, you, dear reader, dear reader, this diversity cheaper opinion of the products you now find on any newsstand or on the Internet. 

A gathering information only from the “usually well illuminated circles” alone would not suffice. Without information and opinion from first hand our printing and other media offer would not only much poorer, but also still unmanageable. In summary, therefore, should be just you, dear reader, dear reader, remember that – a newspaper from the current size you much cost more would have if we would have to contribute to their costs to a reasonable extent. – In addition, the scope would not only be much lower, he would also often much more difficult to understand. 

Only through a coordinated in time and content, tailored content management that on just in Germany experience rich traditions can look back, it is possible for you, otherwise contradictory to keep track in the jungle opinions! Some may accuse us now, we have waited too long with such an opinion. But this is not so. The editorial statute our quality media provides a strict separation of content publisher and executive editors. 

This separation has confidently proven for decades, without that it would have been necessary for this direct voting in a particular case. Therefore, an agreement with the free in their reporting journalistic employees, the informal except in this case, bring about, it took intense and confidential preliminary. Normally we do not deal with publications such as the book of the Lord Ulfkotte, with a first edition of only just 30,000 copies . 

By comparison, our daily circulation in the millions! Only the increasingly frequent inquiries of concerned readers, even from abroad , have therefore prompted to issue this opinion. We repeat, therefore:. Mr. Ulfkotte is wrong our journalists can maybe rent , but journalists are not for sale! ” For the Association of German Zeitungsverpfleger Der Vorstand Bernd Koofmich – Kreszentia of the laity – Mrs N ratioto Opinion 404 of the Federal Association of German Newspaper Publishers you go along here.


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7 thoughts on “MSM Responds to Reporter who “Spilled the Beans”

  1. Mike Lynch says:

    He won’t be sued by anyone, at least not for anything related to his claims because that would expose the truth of the matter which is that the role of the media is to provide state and corporate approved propaganda.

  2. Laura Legere says:

    What gobbledygook! The response makes no sense what so ever. It was painful to attempt to read half of it. I have a headache now.

  3. Kenneth says:

    WHAT?!?!…Like we should expect THEM (MSM) to tell the TRUTH about what they are doing??? That WHOLE retort is a sad joke, that even with all that “Expanded Vocabulary” doesn’t hold ANY water.

  4. vic says:

    IF all news isn’t fake then it must be my imagination that the oil prices are going down ,because when there is a war going on like the all mighty CIA isis war that is happening,you would kind of think that oil prices would go up ,but no no its different this time they need to make RUSSIA BANKRUPT this time other wise oil prices would be going up and my local news or even CNN would be reporting the truth about the prices. The war against RUSSIA THATS WHY PRICES are going down not the STOCK MARKET .The STOCK MARKET has gone down before and gas prices i believe don’t ever follow because of the hunger for money and now RUSSIA is the enemy now when really they are the hero of humanity and Snakes are losing there ground.

  5. casandra says:

    Of course they are going to deny what Mr Udo said. I do not need to read the whole article. the fact that he had already mentioned he had no wife and kids and if they want to jail or hurt him is ok with him. He is brave and i for one have a lot of respect for him…we need more honest people like him.
    Most probable is that they are going to discredit his character etc as usually the story goes.
    Germany should be proud of having a journalist like him even if it is not good for “business”

    • Spock says:

      Yes @casandra, that is the point ! There is another video on youtube (in german language) where a dutch journalist is calling the newspaper where Mr. Ulfkotte was working for more than 17 years. He wanted to know what the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” will do against those reproachings. After being transfered to four different people on his phonecall that all explained to him that there is “no comment” from the officials of this newspaper concerning this topic he hung up and concluded that Mr. Ulfkotte must be right with his statements – otherwise the newspaper would turn against him…

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