Was Fracking Equipment Used to Create an Underground Explosion Near Yellowstone on September 30th, 2014?

This video provides evidence of an underground explosion near the Yellowstone Super-volcano, only two hours after this video was uploaded. At first, he’s wondering if it was an underground nuclear detonation, but later considers that fracking equipment was used with a large volume of conventional explosives.

This begs the questions of whether or not there is any truth to what we’ve been told about the Galactics disabling nuclear weapons, and more importantly, what is going on at Yellowstone? -LW

This is very strong evidence of an underground nuclear explosion, 90 miles south of the Yellowstone Supervolcano, on September 30th, at 9:36 pm, local time. This explosion happened exactly two hours after my first Yellowstone video was uploaded to youtube.

ALL my youtube videos are based on publicly available information sources, nothing is classified, and I have broken no laws, vows, or agreements. My sole purpose with these videos, is to preserve human (and non-human) life, and the biosphere itself. I am an ally to law enforcement, and request the appropriate authorities look at this evidence, and do everything possible to prevent any future attacks on the American people.

My purpose is not to scare anyone, but to inform the authorities, who have the power to prevent these terrorist attacks.

This detonation happened on the south end of the Hoback Fault, which is connected to Yellowstone, through the Teton Fault. Both of these are “active” fault zones. Page two of this document has a map of the fault lines: http://hls.wyo.gov/Library/mit_plan/6…

According to USGS, here is the time and the location of the detonation: September 30, 2014, at 9:36 pm, mountain time

Location: 43.099°N 110.720°W depth=5.0km (3.1mi)

Nearby Cities: 12mi SSE of Hoback, Wyoming 68mi ESE of Ammon, Idaho 71mi ESE of Idaho Falls, Idaho 73mi SE of Rexburg, Idaho 172mi NNE of Salt Lake City, Utah


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  1. macdonalddon says:

    I’m thinking the explosion may have been diverted to an area away from Yellowstone.

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