Viral: The Ebola Hoax, Revealed (Video Roundup)

These videos are going viral. Thank goodness! -LW

The Virus is in the Vaccine

This is a military operation.


CNN and the New York Times Caught Using Crisis Actors


Inside Liberia’s Ebola Crisis

No audio because this was recorded at a Starbucks. Of particular interest is the scam nature of this video, which is most clearly shown at the end where a kid, supposedly dying of “Ebola” obviously falls down in the most incredibly fake acting job ever. Though there is no audio, the scam nature of this video is perfectly preserved.


Dad walks away with cash in hand! kid fake dying

This kid is supposedly dying on the ground, in front of the hospital. Then, The supposed father walks away (at the end of interview) with cash in-hand. It seems that he was paid to spread the propaganda.


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8 thoughts on “Viral: The Ebola Hoax, Revealed (Video Roundup)

  1. macdonalddon says:

    H1N1 would be considered the courting stage…ebola possibly the home run stage.

    If so, there will follow a much more aggressive spread of symptoms.

    They may even plan to be putting the virus into the water supply this time, hoping to scare everyone into accepting the dis.., I mean vaccine.

  2. You know was talking to someone last night about Ebola – I mean the real Ebola. The outbreak they had some years ago and it looks nothing like this one. That first outbreak I remember was a lot worst than this. Not in the number of people affected, but the way the virus just absolutely torn through the victims. It was almost a 100% mortality rate and the victims bleed from every hole until dead. It was a death sentence for sure if you got this virus. This one seem more like a news story because everyone is paying attention to the news for obvious reasons. I was never ever concerned about Ebola as much I am concern about murderous cops. Let’s not be distracted and please pay attention to the background.

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    So much Ebola hysteria going on. Check out some of these videos. Might give you a different perspective.

  4. I think when there is a supected embola patient they are the ones who should wear a similar hazmat suit so thers body is not able to pass fluids to another surface . the picture in n.y.c. times shows a suspected ebola victim in a gown like covering ,not good enough to protect public .

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