Ultraviolet light robot kills Ebola in two minutes; why doesn’t every hospital have one of these?

Even if you believe the Ebola threat is real, here’s a news article about a device that zaps Ebola. -LW

(NaturalNews) While vaccine makers and drug companies are rushing to bring medical interventions to the market that might address the Ebola pandemic, there’s already a technology available right now that can kill Ebola in just two minutes in hospitals, quarantine centers, commercial offices and even public schools.

It’s called the Xenex Germ-Zapping Robot, and it was invented by a team of Texas doctors whose company is based on San Antonio. (And no, I didn’t get paid to write this. I’m covering this because this technology appears to be a viable lifesaving invention.)

The Xenex Germ-Zapping Robot uses pulsed xenon-generated UV light to achieve what the company calls “the advanced environmental cleaning of healthcare facilities.” Because ultraviolet light destroys the integrity of the RNA that viruses are made of, it renders viruses “dead.” (Viruses aren’t really alive in the first place, technically speaking, so the correct term is “nonviable.”)

Ebola, just like most other viruses, are quickly destroyed by UV light. That’s why Ebola likes to spread in dark places where sunlight doesn’t reach. (Think of Ebola as a “vampire” virus that feeds off human blood but shuns sunlight…) The Xenex robot destroys Ebola on surfaces in just two minutes, zapping them with a specific wavelength of UV light at concentrations that are 25,000 times higher than natural sunlight.

Kill Ebola with electricity and UV light; no toxic chemicals needed

The reason I’m covering this medical technology is because I’m seriously impressed with the concept and the green technology behind it. The Xenex unit generates UV light using xenon — one of the noble gases — rather than toxic mercury. So there’s no toxic mercury to deal with, even when disposing of the equipment after its useful life.

So many of the approaches to disinfection in hospitals today are based on harsh, toxic chemicals that pose a secondary risk to the health of hospital patients and staff. But UV light emitted by the Xenex robot leaves no chemical residue whatsoever and requires no chemical manufacturing plant to manufacture. This is truly “light medicine” because it disinfects using specific frequencies of light.

Studies touted by the manufacturer appear to show extraordinary disinfection results spanning both bacterial superbugs and viral strains:

– 57% reduction in MRSA at Moses Cone

– 53% reduction in C.diff infections at Cooley Dickenson

– 50% reduction in bacterial contamination at Cambridge Health Alliance

– 30% reduction in C.diff at the MD Anderson Cancer Center

– 62% reduction in microbial load at the St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center

Already in 250 hospitals and growing…

The Xenex UV robot is already being used in about 250 hospitals. That number is likely to increase dramatically due to the current global Ebola outbreak.

The base price of the Xenex unit is around $100,000, and the unit pays for itself very quickly by preventing expensive infections. It can disinfect a typical hospital room in about 10 minutes, and it comes with organization and scheduling software that allows hospital staff to keep track of which rooms have been treated.

Learn more at www.Xenex.com


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  1. Oswald Hanciles says:

    I am Oswald Hanciles, Special Assistant to the President (Media Outreach) of the Republic of Sierra Leone. Global media has over the past six months popularize Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea. I am also a columnist – google for THE OSWALD HANCILES COLUMN (and “Ebola” especially) On your therapy – let me have detailed science on it. Why isn’t the US government talking about it?

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    Remember, we are in constant co-creation. We are perfectly capable of creating solutions to ALL of our personal, social, financial, environmental and other problems. We just need to stay out of fear, relax and daydream a bit…for it is in relaxation and meditation and even in dreams that solutions arise. The answers are all within..we just have to remember to look. I am so directing this comment at myself! But if you resonate…read the article and get inspired! ~PB

  3. By Breakingthesilence: Ebola outbreak: the pandemic that isn’t.

    Air conditioning kills the virus almost instantly. Hard core facts about Ebola at http://removingtheshackles.blogspot.ca/2014/08/the-ebola-outbreak-pandemic-that-isnt.html

  4. Spock says:

    From someone that deliberatly spreads diseases over mankind, we cannot expect that this same group allows a common treatment of a disease with high tech machines, that they want to spread ideally all over the world !
    “Yellow Rose” mentioned in the last chat, that all those scenarios that want to kill us in high numbers are “computer programs” that are composed to reduce mankind, to horrify us and to spread fear and despair among us. The whole scenario seems to function on a much more sinister level than we think. But all those scenarios were “paused” now and will be set again in motion from the allies only, when we have successfully left the abyss (the demon world, where we are actually imprisoned in) and have entered the “new earth”. Than those programs will continue (but cannot be stopped anymore) and those who wanted to bring horror to us will have the horror than on themselves with every poison that they cooked up for mankind before !

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    You won’t hear this on MSM

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    Let’s take the fear away allowing for new science to lead the way. Amazing, the powers of “Light!”

  7. vanishingpoint says:

    Hi LW. Please be aware that your articles are all but illegible until about half way through -something to do with text & background colours used. Not complaining, just giving you feedback so’s I can read them in future. VP.

  8. Elle says:

    If this does what it says it does, this technology is brilliant.

  9. gary says:

    I’m sorry you post this line of outright deception. Read John Rappaport and others about the outright lack of verification that there is actually anything known as “ebola”, especially since it was created in one of the US corporate agencies- Anthrax or Aids, anyone? Ebola is pure Fear Porn and must not be promoted, but instead show several other truth sites like, NOMOREFAKENEWS.com, and the many others, exposing this latest Cabal fear campaign….all disease starts in the mind.
    Unfortunately, there is more and more deception in the “alternative press, as the health ranger seems to have fallen off his horse, too 😦

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    Thanks for sharing this healing information, LW – In gratitude, Athena

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