Sandy Hook Interview – Where Did Wolfgang Go?

Within hours of posting this article, the embedded YouTube video was made private. I’m not completely sure what is going on. According to the interview (below) his Facebook group disappeared, probably around the same time as his website came online at

Video Description

As many of you may know, Wolfgang Halbig recently removed himself and the group he was running completely off of Facebook with no warning or official explanation. Leaving many people to ponder, speculate and question his true motives in relation to working to officially prove the Sandy Hook event to be a hoax and what, if anything will come of the $20,000-$30,000 that the public had donated to him to help in the cause.

I wondered some of these things myself, so I decided to try to reach Wolfgang myself in order to try to figure out the truth of what is actually going on.

The video above is the conversation we had. Since the video is so long, I’ve decided that it’s probably a good idea to point to specific places in the video that may be of interest that you can jump to if you dont want to listen to the entire conversation.

3:00- Talk of the “script” that Wolfgang said he was given by two Connecticut State Troopers

13:00 – Talking about the money that was donated and his abrupt departure.

15:20 – Re: the lawyer he hired and his inability to get anything done.

21:50 – Re: the new lawsuit Halbig is planning

25:00 – Re: the stance Halbig took when meeting with the Sandy Hook School Board and his wording that made it sound as if he believed the official story of children dying.

What is your take on this situation? Do you think Sandy Hook will ever successfully be proven to be a hoax? If so, what do you think is the best way of accomplishing that?

From American Free Press:


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15 thoughts on “Sandy Hook Interview – Where Did Wolfgang Go?

  1. Novak says:

    I would imagine Halbig needs time to scrabble around for more nonsensical crap that will be debunked within minutes. His “script” theory is a joke, His variously numbered questions (10 16 350 20000) have ALL been shown to be based on his own faux incredulity or founded on false premise. The only upside of this charlatan is that he’s ripping off “truthers” (by nature, extremely gullible) to the tune of thousands of dollars!
    I’d love to see the fool in court……”What makes you think It was a hoax, Mr Halbig?” “Well, the portapotties arrived to soon!”

  2. Who would gain from this terrorism against the people ? They hack websites all the time. They remove accounts and delete or threaten the poster of the videos. I can recall quite a few sites and videos that I wanted to share and they were deleted or removed. So I do not think he is hiding from the people, his life is in danger for exposing the lies and getting more people awake to the corruption going on. Just my observational point of view. Be blessed.

    • This was a staged attack on the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. Wolfgang is still around–he was in New York, only a few days ago. From what I can tell, the FB page went down about the same time his web-site went up–he just didn’t tell the folks on his FB page, apparently. 😉

      • I see why my postings and comments are being sent befor I am ready. I am on a cell phone and if someone calls or I try to adjust my phone it just sents the post. A bit of a nuisance but I can live with it.

        Thanks for the update. Love your blog and I have shared many of your post. Keep up the great work. We need to keep spreading Truth and Light (that use to be the name of my TV show)

      • Angel – You are quite welcome.

  3. macdonalddon says:

    One of the crisis actors involved will have a slip of the tongue moment and the whole sh!thouse will blow up.

  4. susan mccabe says:

    If it was a fake, then shouldn’t it be easy to find the children who supposedly died? They have to be going to school, playing sports, living their lives. Surely it can’t be that hard to track them down?

    • Laura Palmer says:

      They say many of them performed at the 2013 Superbowl. The pictures of the kids they show that “died” were several years old so the kids are older. I would say that many of them look like the same kids…. a little older.

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