First Ebola patient diagnosed in the U.S. has died – CTV News

Is this believable? Is this man a crisis actor, part of the hoax? Or, a victim? -LW

Nomaan Merchant, The Associated Press
Published Wednesday, October 8, 2014 11:25AM EDT
Last Updated Wednesday, October 8, 2014 11:53AM EDT

DALLAS — The first Ebola patient diagnosed in the United States died Wednesday morning in a Dallas hospital, according to a hospital spokesman.

Thomas Eric Duncan was pronounced dead at 7:51 a.m. at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, where he was admitted Sept. 28 and has been kept in isolation, according to spokesman Wendell Watson.

Duncan carried the deadly virus with him from his home in Liberia, though he showed no signs when he left for the United States. He arrived in Dallas Sept. 20 and fell sick a few days later. His condition was downgraded during the weekend from serious to critical.

U.S. Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan is seen in this undated photo. Federal health officials say about 80 people in Texas are now being monitored for Ebola symptoms. (Facebook)

Others in Dallas still are being monitored as health officials try to contain the virus that has ravaged West Africa, with more than 3,400 people reported dead. They also are trying to tamp down anxiety among residents frightened of contracting Ebola, though the disease can be spread only through direct contact with the bodily fluids of an already sick person.

Health officials have identified 10 people, including seven health workers, who had direct contact with Duncan while he was contagious. Another 38 people also may have come into contact with him.

The four people living in the northeast Dallas apartment where Duncan stayed have been isolated in a private residence.

Everyone who potentially had contact with Duncan will be monitored for 21 days, the normal incubation period for the disease.

Duncan passed an airport health screening in Liberia, where doctors measured his temperature as normal and found no signs of Ebola symptoms. But a few days after he arrived, he began to have a fever, headache and abdominal pain.

He went to the emergency room of Texas Health Presbyterian in Dallas on Sept. 24, but was sent home. By Sept. 27, his condition had worsened. An ambulance that day took him back to the hospital, where he stayed in isolation.

The hospital has changed its explanation several times about when Duncan arrived and what he said about his travel history. It has acknowledged that Duncan told them on his first visit that he came from West Africa.


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10 thoughts on “First Ebola patient diagnosed in the U.S. has died – CTV News

  1. Kenneth says:

    TOTAL!!! BS…The whole damn story is…NOTHING but PURE “Fear Porn”…There is NO ebola here!

  2. Judy says:

    Considering the track record of false reporting from the cdc..I want to see the test results..I call it bs.
    While this crap is playing full sped ahead, what are we hearing of the children in 44…..yes I said 44 states, whom have the bad respiratory disease..virus, probably from the polio vaccine they just received..I don’t have proof..but a very good amount of research which leads to this being a polio like virus…where the hell are the numbers on this?
    I am so tired of only getting info released, that those that be want released, even on the internet. Give us proof this disease exists..
    Or is it something else..and not Ebola?
    My inner being says to not believe a damn thing we are being told..
    We have a lot of other things happening..yellow stone, in my opinion
    Has been rigged to blow, the dollar is in terrible trouble, the food and water supplies have been so very much attacked, and we the wonderful humans of this beautiful world are being poisoned. Unfortunately these things we do have proof of!
    With all of that, I still believe we can rise above it..however, we are running out of time to get this right.

  3. macdonalddon says:

    Did they check the body for bullet holes or rope burns ?

    • Was there even a body? Did they provide a social security number? These reports don’t provide enough information to support their claims. 😉

      • macdonalddon says:

        ” Was there even a body? ”

        Yeah, i think they got a second hand one from the false flag Malaysian crash.

        ” Did they provide a social security number? ”

        If pressed for one, they’re gonna try to get by with bath house Barry’s previously used one.

      • Judy says:

        They would not have an ss if we was visiting from west Africa, however, they could show us his passport!

  4. spacenergymass says:

    I looked up the source of this story CTV news. It is straight-up corporate mainstream propaganda. albeit Canadian variety. These evil bastards are all in it together. It is almost impossible now, to track down the official owners of these conglomerates. But you can bet that somewhere along the lines, the Rothschilds, who basically own the publishing world, will appear in the chain. Here is an interesting article I found regarding CTV. Do you think these journalists are truly nescient, or just apathetic to the truth?
    Rothschild Connection. Yes, the own the AP and Reuters too.

  5. Susanne R says:

    Zero mention of administering Vitamin C IV, only the use of experimental drugs, and he died. Who is surprised? The whole thing stinks, is right! And don’t forget this little gem in association with this whole concocted Ebola mess:

    Also, Alex Jones is now listing the man as Patient Zero. Really?! What about that 2 year old boy?
    TWO patient zeros. That’s a neat trick, Alex.

  6. says:

    They (The Fascist-Racist-War-Criminal-FMRUS-Government) Did Not Want To Cure Mr. Duncan Because He ( Mr. Duncan) Was NOT White or An American Citizen. ;~0

    That’s What I Believe To Be The ” Real ” Truth.

    Every 1 of the White American Citizen Doctors and Nurses Who ” Supposedly ” Contracted EBOLA Amazingly Got Cured. ;~0

    Something Really Stinks. ;~(

    Mr. Evans

    Clovis California. F.M.R.U.S.A…

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