Coming Soon: Major Turning Point in Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax

I had mixed feelings about posting this video because it’s long and strikes me as a wee bit of fear-mongering. Wolfgang makes some good points, but there is a lot more drama in his presentation than I feel is necessary. On the positive side, it seems that there are common law grand juries getting ready to expose the truth of Sandy Hook. -LW

Wolfgang Halbig on Sandy Hook ~ Staged Government Community Event- It was a DHS/FBI/FEMA HSEEP/ICE Drill- an “INTEGRATED CAPSTONE EVENT” (see DHS website)

“There WILL BE a proper Coronial Inquest where all the witnesses (including the cops/feds) are put on the stand and cross-examined under oath and where ALL the evidence (forensic, ballistics, eye-witnesses, documentary) is also presented and carefully analysed and tested again, under oath.

A Common Law Grand Jury constituted of WE THE PEOPLE will challenge the state’s assertions that Sandy Hook really happened as they say it did, their assertions will be vigorously contested.

Their completely discredited and bogus “narrative” wouldn’t stand up for two seconds under competent and rigorous cross-examination.”

GREENLAWN, NY– Wolfgang Halbig, former teacher, law enforcement, and current national school safety assessment & emergency management consultant, maintains that the so-called Sandy Hook CT shootings were a staged cooperative government – community “Capstone” exercise planned years before December 2012, for the purpose of banning commonly-used firearms and limiting free speech. Halbig asserts the incident was a financial bonanza for the Newtown community and involved parents, all of whom moved into the CT community only between 2009-2011, and all receiving over $200K each for their involvement in the exercise.

Halbig’s questions are returned with silence and contempt; threat of arrest. Many details don’t add up… record shows no report of actual shots fired; no social security numbers for the dead students; 16 state troopers pre-positioned 45-60 minutes before the alleged shootings, and much more. Halbig also presents the proper safety procedures that schools must follow in a code-red event and urges parents to study your local school emergency management plan.– FULL LENGTH VIDEO– October 6, 2014

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9 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Major Turning Point in Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax

  1. Shawn Saenz says:

    the video is back up guys. download it and reupload it again to spread it.

  2. Pamela says:

    Tried to watch video, but it comes up as “Private”.

  3. Novak says:

    Halbig is just a joke. A moment’s checking reveals his assertions to be incorrect (eg police parked a quarter of a mile away), based on false premise (eg where are the children), or plain old deliberate fabrication (Lanza’s headstone). Hanging their hats on the words of this dubious individual only makes “truthers even more ridiculous.

    • Well then, his civil suit should be over shortly, right?

      • Novak says:

        It’ll never happen. Which is rather sad because seeing Halbig and his sychophants roll up with “This looked a bit funny to me” and “I wouldn’t have done this” as evidence would have been quite amusing.
        Halbig is just beating his chest to try to convince the hoardes of idiots that have donated to his “cause” that he is actually doing something.

  4. solar bloom says:

    hah! Since extraterrestrials do indeed already walk the earth and health certainly is determined by energy fields (and the quantum toroidal source field comprising everything is basically the epitome of magic), I may have to take a look lol 🙂 Would have skipped it otherwise…sort of assuming I already covered this territory sufficiently quite some time ago….

  5. RickK says:

    Utter nonsense presented by an evidence-immune conspiracy nut, believable only to people who already think extraterrestrials walk the Earth and health is determined by magical energy fields.

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