Astrology Status for October 7, 2014 – A Special Eclipse Bulletin

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Astrology charts, even the patterns for a whole astrological cycle, are fractal (or self-similar) in nature. They repeat recognizably over and over and over for the duration of the cycle. Also, the interpretation for each aspect must be a close variation on the interpretation of every other aspect across the whole cycle.

Once in a while, though, you find a cluster or sequence of aspects that expresses the meaning of a cycle so perfectly it just jumps right out at you and sheds a great light on the situation. It demands special attention That is true of the aspects immediately surrounding Wednesday’s total lunar eclipse.

  • Tuesday afternoon (10/07 pm) – Sun opposes Uranus retrograde
  • Tuesday late evening – Moon opposes Venus
  • Wednesday midnight (10/08 am)- Moon squares Pluto
  • Wednesday early morning – Moon occults/eclipses Uranus retrograde
  • Wednesday early morning – total lunar eclipse
  • Wednesday mid-morning – Moon trines Mars
  • Wednesday mid-morning – Moon trines Jupiter
  • Wednesday early afternoon (10/08 pm)- Venus squares Pluto
  • Wednesday early afternoon – Mars trines Pluto
  • (New York Time)

This list of aspects reveals a by now familiar combination of disruptive and supportive influences: squares, trines, oppositions, an occultation and an eclipse, all in fairly rapid succession. We are, again, being asked to step over and around the difficult aspects, to overcome the depressing ones, to take advantage of the good ones, despite doubt and discouragement. Again, we are being asked to act decisively despite the confusing, contradictory signals the planets are putting out.

But we see another theme, one more unique, more distinctive of October. Retrograde Uranus is all over the place.

The Sun opposes retrograde Uranus: we are challenged to express our individuality in new, probably uncomfortable, unfamiliar ways. Alternatively, we are being asked to seriously reconsider the manner in which we express our individuality.

The Moon occults retrograde Uranus: the ego tries to completely mask the Higher Mind or the Higher Self. It tries to overshadow the awareness of group needs and aspirations in favor of its own individualistic preferences and expectations.

Within an hour of this occultation, the Sun, in its turn – our conscious, intentional, real-time self – overshadows the reflexive, pattern-bound ego. We are powerfully challenged to break new ground, emotionally, intellectually, behaviorally.

In effect, there is open, energetic conflict, between the spontaneous and innovative Higher Mind and the pattern-bound ego. Our active personality, the Sun, is caught in the middle.

What should guide our personal responses in the moment? The old patterns deeply imbedded in the ego or radically fresh impulses emanating forcefully from the higher mind? The strength of our connection with the Higher Mind will determine how messy this confrontation becomes. And it could get very messy.

But the takeaway message here is that our social identity – that shifting mix of conscious intentional responses, unconscious patterning and flashes of higher insight – is given a good going over. Our identities will be scrambled. The peculiar mix of conflicting impulses, Freudian slips and ambivalent or ambiguous responses that arise will take a long time to sort out.

We will almost surely not be able to slip back into old patterns, partly because these patterns will have been demolished by Uranus, partly because the eclipses will set us back if we try. On the other hand, if we make the right choice, we will take a giant stride or two forward.

The difference between those who accept the spiritual evolutionary impetus will find themselves that much farther ahead of those who resist it, who try to cling to a deteriorating status quo.

I know we are talking about a Super Moon, a Blood Moon, etc., To me that only emphasizes the finality of this battle between the Higher Mind, as represented by Uranus, and the ego, represented by the Moon. The Moon will  give this battle its best shot and if it loses, the loss will be all the more decisive.

Also, finally, whatever else it does, all that retrograde Uranus vs. the Moon energy is bound to leave us shaken and overstimulated. Maybe even a little battered. Be prepared to apply some extra TLC to yourself and your friends. We’re all going to need it, IMO. It could take us awhile to regain our footing.

On the macro-level, this eclipse could cause some VERY confusing headlines. There will be disturbing events whose meaning and implication is very far from clear. Given how thoroughly our motivational process will be shaken, both individually and collectively, it is very hard to predict how anyone will respond, in the near term or the short term. It will be at least as difficult to decide the future path of world events. A lot of very new stuff could start happening.

It will certainly be a very confusing time with mixed signals all around. One of the great challenges we will face as a result of this eclipse will be to find clarity, for ourselves and for the world. That clarity will have to come in large part from our hope and our aspirations for the future. From our faith in ourselves and in the process. Not on any promises or guarantees. And that clarity will all but certainly come slowly.


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  1. Let’s not forget that ‘the nation of Israel’ is not the center of the known Universe, friends. In truth, it is an artificial construct, in more truth, it is an illusion. You are…and I am and I AM are the only true reality….and you are me and I am you…and that is all
    I AM!

  2. Every time a blood moon pattern has appeared on Jewish feast days; a big event affects the nation of Israel. The event affecting Israel begins just before the actual years of the blood moons.

    To understand what will happen in the 2014-2015 “blood moons”, you have to understand the pattern of blood moons in the past.

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