UFO News: UFO Mother Ship Seen On Live TV In Erie Pennsylvania. 3rd One This Week

There are more and more UFO sightings happening. What do you think of this UFO video? -LW

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10 thoughts on “UFO News: UFO Mother Ship Seen On Live TV In Erie Pennsylvania. 3rd One This Week

  1. DICK CORBETT says:

    Look’s as though contact-time is near??????????

  2. Jackie says:

    I love it! More please! Our galactic brothers and sisters are coming.

  3. workouts12 says:

    The human and related humanoid forms are the most common in the universe. We have come so far towards understanding who they are, both those who come here based on fully benevolent intents, and those who, while possessing ultra high tech, have lost their link to all that we generally consider the source of all life. And THAT resides in all living beings…

  4. vendo4151 says:

    I had a pretty close and clear daylight sighting in 2006. What stood out to me when it was over is that the timing and circumstances had to be perfect in order for me to see this. It lasted only about ten seconds. … My point being, .. I think there is an interaction between higher aspects of ourselves and everything to do with ETs and celestials. This being one aspect of a very broad truth of our reality. That reality being, that there is very much we are not aware of that molds our lives and that we, as we know ourselves to be, are not entirely our own.

  5. I’ve been traveling, where has BP gone….isnt this her blog?

  6. Dezynerdave says:

    This will continue more frequently up until and beyond “disclosure.” I love it! Come on Galactics…You’re welcome here.

  7. This is soft disclosure. If they wanted to harm us, it would have happened. Actually it happened eons ago that we were taken over. That is why the corrupted Governments try to make people seem crazy if they experience benevolent Star Races. FACT we have to be totally brainwashed if we think God only made our little planet and we are it. FACT: We Are Not Alone. Be blessed.

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