Ben Fulford: The white hats control the weather, now it is time to control the rest

I’ve been saying all year that the RV won’t happen until we have a solid week of no chemtrails. This week, Ben claims that the White Hats are now in control of weather modification technology. Seems like a good sign, doesn’t it?

Posted by benjamin, October 6, 2014

As this article goes to press in Tokyo, Japan, Monday, October 6th, 2014, the night skies above are clear, following a sunny day of idyllic mild autumn weather. The problem was the Japanese meteorological agency (JMA) and all the corporate news outlets were saying Tokyo was supposed to be hit by a monster typhoon Phanfone today. Instead, all there was was some mildly heavy rain overnight with little or no wind. More remarkably, the JMA satellite imagery showed what appeared to be a wedge cutting the typhoon in half before it hit Tokyo.

Do you ever get that feeling of Déjà vu? Do you ever get that feeling of Déjà vu? This is not the first time a monster typhoon has vanished just before hitting Tokyo. On July 8th of this year super typhoon Neoguri was also supposed to devastate Tokyo but instead, as an astronaut watching from the International Space Station noted, “it was cut in half” and arrived as a moderate rainstorm.

Many other previous “super typhoons” have similarly vanished before hitting heavily populated areas in recent years.

In the US, no hurricane has landed in nearly 9 years (Sandy Hook was something else), something that is completely without precedent.

This is no coincidence. About 9 years ago, some people claiming to represent US special forces told the White Dragon Society they had seized the US weather warfare facilities from the cabal after a heavy gunfight. It seems they are now using the weather modification facilities to save lives, not take lives.

If any readers are still not aware that weather modification technology is real and has a long history, they should take note of the US/Soviet treaty of 1978 banning the use of weather modification for warfare.

Now that they have stopped weather modification terror attacks, it is time for the agency white hats to make another big move against the cabal. This time a clear target has emerged. If this target is hit with a bold military move, it will mean the end of cabal rule and freedom for the planet. A Pentagon psychological warfare expert who contacted this writer last week said the obvious target was…

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10 thoughts on “Ben Fulford: The white hats control the weather, now it is time to control the rest

  1. Jack says:

    Yes Ben could you please pass the word to the White Hats. If they could stop the federal government of spraying the sky’s in California and making it hard for us to get any rain . If they Ben really want to do something get them to get our rain back . For the love of God please

  2. Ines says:

    Sure Ben, then please tell them to come and stop the chemtrails in Croatia airspace. They are literally geo-engineering our weather. Normally arid and warm climates, we all look up to the chemtrails and know it will rain the next day. You have been duped or just plain lying.

  3. schauminator says:

    Ben, have you been smoking some dry California weed?

  4. Lee says:

    I live in Canada and today we were bombarded with chem trails, more than usual. Just saying.

  5. Jimmy says:

    Sorry Ben,… wherever you are,… you are being misinformed (perhaps by infiltrators w/in the WHs ???). As the California drought has been shown is the result of weather manipulation.

    HAARP Rain-Blocking High Pressure Jet Stream Injection 2014-10-05 – yT Video
    California Drought Continues

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