This Month: Global Reset, Currency Revaluation and US Treasury Notes (GCR, RV, TRN/USN)

christine-lagarde-global-currency-reset-imf_davos2014For the uninitiated, there are big changes to the global financial system in the works. the IMF’s Christine LaGarde has been hinting at monetary reforms for quite some time. Poof talked about it. Zap continues to talk about it, along with Cobra, Drake, Neil Keenan, Ben Fulford, and David Wilcock, to mention only a few. Heck, even astrologer Carl Boudreau said we can expect an “October Surprise”.

A lot of us were hoping these changes would happen in 2012, and after all the hype, who could blame us? Especially when the above-mentioned personalities all indicated that it would indeed happen in 2012. There have been tales of the Iraqi Dinar being revalued, like happened to the Kuwaiti Dinar in 2005. Others have told tales that involved the revaluation of nearly 200 currencies. Lastly, there have been rumours of a gold-backed currency being introduced by the US Treasury that will replace Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs).

Today, Landa Global posted some very interesting information. If you’re wondering, Zap’s information often coincides with posts on this site. It looks like the long-awaited and much-anticipated RV/GCR may finally be here.

Watch for announcements from the US Federal Reserve on Monday (tomorrow). You may be pleasantly surprised. -LW

OCTOBER 5, 2014

We have been advised that the global reset, currency revaluation, and the advent of the TRN (or USN) will occur very shortly, and within this month.

Discussions with senior bankers and Family have confirmed this several times over this last week, and the bankers were particularly informative as to the sheer size of this event. The TRN is already in all banks globally, and the issues revolving around the formal release of this gold backed currency have apparently all been resolved to satisfaction.

The official redemption period for the historic bonds is also anticipated to coincide with these events, and Landa has been in contact with the official redemption teams and groups sanctioned for this process, and has been asked to prepare for this time.

All Landa clients with bond submissions will be advised of this timing, and Landa will play a significant role in providing services for this process. The exact involvement and function of Landa will be revealed at the appropriate time, but at a minimum, we shall be providing interface and matching services for all clients to enable a correct and smooth process to the benefit of the client.

Further information will be provided as we receive it, and will be posted here.

Thank You



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6 thoughts on “This Month: Global Reset, Currency Revaluation and US Treasury Notes (GCR, RV, TRN/USN)

  1. solar bloom says:

    Sufficient research into Landa Global will likely result in one’s hesitation before positing too much merit into any data originating from this organization, imho. Also, today it occurred to me that the repetitive (programming-like) nature of the hopium RV intel diaspora and the endless stream of nearly identical galactic “updates” from those such as Sheldan Nidle have an uncanny similarity, as if they both may be originating from the same “divine” source, or multiple sources with aligned perspectives, aspirations and agendas . . . .

    • Tough to say. I think “Zap” works at Landa Global. Frankly, I am reluctant to post most of the stuff I read about the GCR/RV. Two years ago, the cycle was get everyone excited before the long weekend, and let them down on Monday. Now, it has been accelerated to every weekend. It never changes.

      The General64 group tells its members to stay out of the dinar chat rooms and forums, but people don’t listen.

      Landa Global is fairly new on the scene. They don’t deal in rumours or chanellings. It can’t hurt to hold them under the microscope for a little while. 😉 -LW

  2. Vic says:

    I don’t trust LeGarde she looks like the devils wife and I think she has been under arrest or being investigated for something .Not sure for what but it is on one of LW older posts.Cabal falling slowly but will fall soon just not happening fast enough for us hard working people.

  3. Gaye Estey says:

    Cobra doesn’t believe it.  He says the EVENT has to happen first.  And, we’re not close to that yet. Here comes the Cabal right in our faces.

    • Gaye – Perhaps Cobra should talk to Landa Global. Maybe Landa Global will have to eat their words. So far, EVERYBODY has been wrong when it comes to predicting if/when these things will happen.

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