Ebola Hoax Continues . . .

Hmm . . . Do you think Ebola is being used to scare people into giving up air travel? With an adequate supply of vitamin C and/or colloidal silver, Ebola is nothing to be afraid of. -LW

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Further reading: http://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2014/10/03/ebolagate-47-questions-and-answers/

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6 thoughts on “Ebola Hoax Continues . . .

  1. ltully says:

    Recent interview yellow rose of texas speaks of ebola hoax, recorded broadcast of live show with yellow rose of texas and the One https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTo89Sovdt6GvAAJpWztq7ARXObRhadQ3

  2. vic says:

    We have to start to attack these news people who bring us these false flags everyone of them,the news anchor guys and girls who lie or tell them what is happening in the real world.They need to know that they are helping to kill there own Kids ,Grandparents,and all family members.The best way to tell them what there doing i believe is through there TWITTER and FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS.Some examples that they have done like SANDY HOOK SHOOTING ,BOSTON BOMBING.I don`t have twitter or facebook but i will try other ways .THANK YOU L.W. for your hard work reporting to us

  3. Jimmy says:

    At this point in the “game” a bio threat is one of their best ways to attack the populous w/o making it so obvious, as it would be if they came w/ tanks & ground troops. This way then can, will, & are using this as an “excuse” of chance or causality to take away our rights & take possession of our “beings” w/o consent or due process, & w/ plausible deniability. However, everyone & their mother in-law, by now, know that this was created in a lab (w/ a patent & all). And the fact that their creation conveniently left the lab is beyond negligence – it’s a high crime. We also know that they have been knowingly violating all of the safety protocols, so as to increase its chances of it spreading. We also know that w/ heavy doses of Vitamin-C & colloidal silver you have a really good chance at combating this thing. We also know that w/ the help of the MSM they are just hyping this to scare everyone into believing that it is a real threat. All we can do is to continue to expose it as what it really is,… a false-flag,… & don’t buy into their scam. Also, getting an International Criminal Court, such as “International Common Law Court of Justice” (http://iclcj.com) involved, & publicly start suing the appropriate institutions ASAP. And,… throw away your TV – that’s your mind-control-device right there.

  4. spacenergymass says:

    I have heard the boy call wolf one time too many times. I no longer trust anything spewing forth form mainstream media.
    ISIS is a farce, climate change is a farce, Iran planning to blow up the world with nuclear weapons (should they gain access to build a nuclear energy plant) is a farce. etc et.al ad nauseum.
    We have real issues that threaten our species, and all species. I scan these topics, but I no longer allow these archons to send me into a tizzy.I refuse to jump on the manufactured ebola scare. Thanks.

  5. macdonalddon says:

    I would be not at all surprised if anyone who contracts the ‘ebola’ “disease” will be among the group of people gullible enough to get the H1N1 vaccine or the subsequent “flu” shots so generously supplied by our esteemed leaders.

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