Patrick Fitzgerald Floated for Top Attorney General Spot… One step closer to NESARA?

Patrick Fitzgerald’s connection to NESARA: At least 100,000 Cases have been considered by 56 Grand Juries over the last 4 years, by Patrick Fitzgerald, in the US. Their Sealed Indictments are ready to be unsealed and made public. These ones will go…or have already been taken to the World Court in the Hague…for War Crimes Trials & sentencing. Another condition for Announcement is the disclosure of the Galactic Presence and their Involvement in planetary affairs. It is not yet known whether this will be Full Disclosure or progressive disclosures over some weeks… Read More about Patrick Fitzgerald & NESARA →

According to these articles, a soft disclosure campaign has already begun:

Patrick Fitzgerald will leave office with a trail of political scalps and plenty of politicians who have been looking over their shoulders for more than a decade. Phil Rogers reports.

(NBC Chicago) Well, you have to admit—he’s got a good resume.

Patrick Fitzgerald, former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, is being touted by some as a potential replacement for outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder.
The Chicago Sun-Times reports Fitzgerald’s name is being bandied about in legal circles, and no less than Illinois’ junior Senator, Mark Kirk, appears to be in Fitzgerald’s corner.
Fitzgerald’s reputation as a hard-nosed prosecutor of political corruption, along with a recognized expertise in national security law, makes him the perfect choice in the eyes of those looking to re-energize the nation’s top law enforcement office after years of controversy under Holder.
Fitzgerald won national acclaim for his many high-profile investigations during his tenure in the Chicago U.S. Attorney’s office, including convictions of two former Illinois governors, Rod Blagojevich and George Ryan. He also set his sights on media mogul Conrad Black, several aides to Chicago Mayor Richard Daley in the Hired Truck Program, and Chicago detective and torturer Jon Burge.
Despite a welcome return for some to a focus on civil rights issues while in office, many observers feel Holder’s tenure to be a series of missed opportunities at best and a controversy-ridden tenure at worst.
Republicans in Congress, long opposed to Holder and more than happy to cause President Obama problems on any available political front, have already signaled their likely opposition to anyone Obama nominates for the post.
Nevertheless, some Fitzgerald backers are hoping his reputation and track record can be brought to bear on those areas critics have faulted the U.S. Attorney General’s office for being lax on. Specifically, they point to Holder’s failure to aggressively prosecute Wall Street malfeasance and re-litigate the errors and missteps of the Bush administration’s War on Terror as places where Fitzgerald could make his mark.
Yet, the last two years of any presidency are often marked by Congressional investigations into executive branch policies and behavior that could easily end up on the Attorney General’s desk. That could well mean Obama may be reluctant to appoint a prosecutorial bulldog to occupy an office just down the street on Pennsylvania Ave.

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  2. Teri says:

    I also don’t know what side Obama is on. I have no proof either way. Though it totally saddens me that he probably has a lot of proof as to what is going on and makes a choice everyday not to disclose it. He took an oath to the American people 6 years ago. By doing nothing he has violated that trust and his conscious. I am sure people will say that he fears for his family, and I understand that, but he choose this job and I can’t believe that he was that unaware that there is more going on this planet than meets the eye. For me there is nothing truly sadder than people who have the ability to do something and do nothing and he’s had 6 years to do something. How many wars has he been involved in, how many people are starving and sick. Nothing has changed. Only the banks and corporations get bailed out. When the truth comes out, it will be very hard for me to support the fact that he was a good guy, but he was to afraid to do anything of significance. To whom much is given, much is asked.

  3. cadmar1944 says:

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    This would be a good move if Patrick Fitzgerald gets into office as Attorney General, my guess is that he is too honest to be selected but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  4. Athena says:

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    Thanks LW for sharing this information. I appreciate the work you do in keeping us apprised of the many things that are happening in our world. Athena

  5. Vic says:

    If Patrick is that good then it will be good for humanity.The only thing that puzzles me is I just don’t know what side Obama is on.So having said that I think Patrick will not get in if the bad guys have there way. The other thing would be both Obama and Patrick’s safety and their families would be a great concern if they go after any criminals.They would have to have the best security team working for them

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