David Wilcock Comments on Ben Fulford’s Latest Article… “The Georgia Guidestones ‘2014 Cube’”

I am guessing that David hasn’t seen Mr. Cati’s recent video, where he decodes the 2014 stone that was recently removed from the Georgia Guidestones. Regardless, David hints that he will have an article that decodes the stone, in a short while. -LW

Comment by dwilcock on September 30, 2014 @ 3:49 am

I don’t know if anyone has successfully decoded the cube yet. I got it right away and am in the process of writing a mega-article about it.

“Jade Lion” is a pseudonym I gave for a guy from Southeast Asia who did appear to have access to the Elders and gave me some very interesting information.

That being said, I question the validity of the source quoted by Azure, because 300 is about as old as these people get through the use of advanced technology and herbs. The lifespan is 200 to 300 years.

Be on the lookout for the big comeback article soon — and be sure to help spread the word!

I will watch the other decoding videos (much prefer articles) but so far no one else who thinks they’ve gotten it actually has.

– David

Comment by dwilcock on September 30, 2014 @ 4:03 am

I just watched the video. So far nobody has seen the elegant, simple decoding I came up with, and it makes a lot of sense… so I will try to get it out today as it will help shape the narrative!

– David

Comment by dwilcock on September 30, 2014 @ 4:33 am

Yes, I watched JohnnyDontPlay and a few others. Once people see it and do the homework it will be undeniable. They are certainly not admitting defeat. However, I believe they see the end coming for them and are trying to spin that event — which may well occur in 2014 — as if they are controlling it.

That’s one of the main ways in which this is a psy-op. It’s meant to be deciphered (which I am about to do), and it undoubtedly was made to cloud the issue and the validity of the ongoing police action against them — which may well reach a peak this year.

– David


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11 thoughts on “David Wilcock Comments on Ben Fulford’s Latest Article… “The Georgia Guidestones ‘2014 Cube’”

  1. ltully says:

    Not to change subject but Live chat happening with yellow rose of texas now..link…https://plus.google.com/u/0/105537357037777870573/posts

  2. Spock says:

    Well, as i said before – those “Georgia guidestones” are a slap in the face of humanity. I wonder why there is no initiative to remove them once and for all legally. Wondering what kind of sick messages were imprinted there and how this all might, or might not be not fulfilled is ridiculous. Theses stones suppose the extinction of mankind – no one should accept those messages any longer on a monument signalling suppression and pure arrogance from our dark kidnappers !

  3. liane says:

    Am i missing something? I dont recall seeing anything about the stones by ben fulford.

  4. David says:

    The Georgia Guide Stone Cube was encoded with the “Birthdate” of America’s first “Jihadist Beheader” all along —

    The “Georgia Guide Stone Ashlar” Predicted the Birthdate of the American Jihadist responsible for America’s FIRST BEHEADING in Oklahoma… Sometime in August 2014 a Cube of Stone was “illegally” and“mysteriously” placed within a notch on the Georgia Guide Stones. The Cube was visible on 2 sides, which were carved with the numbers — “20” and “14”. People were busy Speculating on the meaning of this New Cube of stone and its “2014” message…Particularly because the Guide Stones are notorious for their ominous message to the World… “Humans need to be reduced to only 500 Million”.

    And then….on September 24, 2014 America was struck with its
    “first beheading” in Oklahoma.
    This horrendous act was done by Alton Alexander Nolen,
    it is “POSSIBLE” that he is a “Lone Wolf” “Jihadi Extremist”
    named Alton Alexander Nolen aka Jah’ Keem Yisrael.

    His Birthday? August 16 2014

    ON September 25th, “THE DAY AFTER” Alton Nolen, aka Jah’ Keem Yisrael BEHEADED A WOMAN IN OKLAHOMA authorities removed the “illegal Cube” from the Guide Stones in Georgia, thus revealing 2 more numbers that were “hidden”….the numbers were “8” and “16”

    Four numbers were now known: 8-16-20-14

    8/16/2014 IS THE
    Jah’ Keem Yisrael
    “August 16, 2014”

    A CUBE of STONE somehow Magically got inscribed with the Birthday of Alton Nolen, America’s first “Jihadist Beheader”, and was inserted into the Georgia Guide Staones 40 Days prior to the beheading in Oklahoma on September 23rd.

    It’s Magic Numbers were only revealed to the World on
    the DAY AFTER the beheadings….September 25…
    live on a You Tube video.

    LONE WOLF = 1091 In Gematria

    1091 = 911

    ASIDE: On September 21st, just 72 Hours before the Beheadings in Oklahoma–
    only a few miles from the location of the BEHEADING attack.

    Continuing the examination and Decoding of the Georgia Guide Stone’s “CUBE” we find that not only does it “possibly” reveal the date of America’s next “911” to be 8-14-2016…. “AUGUST 14, 2016”, (which happens to be Tisha B’Av, the saddest day in all of Judiasm, when the Two Temples were destroyed), but it also tells us that this date will be associated with the “Islamic Apocalypse” and the appearance of the “MAHDI”, the “Imām of Time.”

    Opposing the band of numbers reading 8-14-20-16…
    The cube is chiseled on it’s top and bottom with the letters
    — “MM” and “JAM”—-

    The name Jaysh al-Mahdī (JAM): has apocalyptic connotations: in Shi-ite theology, the Mah’dī is an end-times figure who it is said will assist Christ in destroying the Dajjāl (the Anti-Christ) and establish a global “ISLAMIC KHILAFAH” in preparation for the Yaum al-Qiyāmah (judgement day); in more common terms, it is believed that the Mahdī will come to help the Messiah (i.e. Jesus, referred to in Islam as `Īsā ibn Mariyam, “Jesus son of Mary”) to defeat the Antichrist (literally, al-Masīh al-Dajjāl means “the Deceiving Messiah”), before establishing a just Islamic social order in preparation for Judgment Day.

    It is believed that “Jaysh al-Mahdī” or (JAM), is still present on earth “in occultation” (i.e., hidden), and will emerge again in the end times. Those Shi`ites of this school believe that the Imām Mahdī (JAM) is the rightful ruler of the whole Islamic community (ummah) at any given time, and he is therefore also called Imām al-Zamān, meaning “Imām of the Age/Time.”
    (SATURN- Father Time)(Worshipped as a Black CUBE)

    The Shites have a Militant Wing that is the enemy of ISIS, it is called,
    THE “Madhi Militia” or (MM) –
    The Mahdi Militia (MM) was known for death squads, arbitrary shootings, kidnappings and bombings. Will the Mahdi rise from their ranks on August 14, 2016?? Will the Madhi Militia (MM) be his personal Army?
    We will have to wait and see!!

    The Georgia Guidestone Cube was thus inscribed:

    August 14, 2016
    “Jaysh al-Mahdī” or (JAM)
    “Madhi Militia” or (MM)


    • Dakini says:

      soo many screwed up things there… first of all, have never known any 6-week old infants to commit beheadings!! 2nd, that was certainly not the “first beheading” in the US; there have been many. 3rd – the 20 & the 14 on the removed cube were IN ORDER, so you can’t just say they meant 20-16 instead, they could ONLY read in the 20 -14 order. I like JohnnyDontPlay’s interpretation better, and it sure doesn’t help when someone comes off as “Nobody can interpret this but me” or “Everyone else tried but I’m the only one who gets it” Plleeeeeze….

      • Dakini says:

        And I’m not afraid of Mahdi, whether he comes or not — I have neither fear nor hope for this, “Mahdi.”

      • Rick says:

        I don’t know about all that muslim stuff, but if you read each side from right to left not left to right, you get 20, 16, 8, 14. If you start with the 8, you get 8, 14, 20, 16, Perhaps it means 2016, August 14th or August 14th, 2016, either way it is the same day. On Wikipedia on the right side of the web page is a picture of the “Destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem, by Francesco Hayez. Just below the picture are the future dates of the 9th of AV (Tisha B’Av) The 9th of Av in 2016 starts at sunset on August 13th and ends at sunset on August 14th, because the Jewish day starts and ends at sunset. Hebrew is read backwards, not left to right, but right to left, so if this is related to the 9th of Av in 2016, it does make sense to read it right to left or backwards. The Muslims hate the Jews. Bible prophecy does point to the persecution of the Jews by the works of Satan (as mentioned in the book of Revelation chapter 12:13 by the 7 headed dragon – Satan). Also in Zechariah 14:2 God says he will gather all nations against Jerusalem. If God punished the Jewish people for forsaking His ways both by the Babylonians, and by the Romans, by destroying the first and second Temple on the 9th of Av, doesn’t it make sense that if he wants to pass Judgement on them once again that he would do it on the 9th of Av Via the NWO, and/or the Musclims. Perhaps the NWO people behind the Gerogia Guidestones don’t know that they are just puppets in the Grand scheme of things between God and Satan. There are many other bad Historic events that occured for the Jews on this date. Also keep in mind depending how you start the month, either by the conjunction or the first sighting of the New moon (sometimes it is cloudy), the 9th of Av could potentially fall within a 2-3 day period. Here is the URL to the wikipedia web page. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tisha_B%27Av

  5. John Rogerson says:

    THE CRYPT AT MCALLISTER, OKLAHOMA http://www.phoenixmasonry.org/the_builder_1919_july.htm
    “Within a triangular enclosure near the northeast corner of the main building many interesting and appropriate relics are deposited. This deposit is to be unearthed, and a new deposit made, in the year of 2014, or Anno Deposit 3014.”
    Thought this to be related and also connected to the death chamber at the OK State Penn. nearby. Ley lines and all that. John

  6. Susanne R says:

    Funny, my thought as well re Mr. Cati.
    And for those who haven’t seen Mr. Cati’s Georgia Guide Stones “block” decoding, here it is:

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