Amazing UFO activity! UFO fleet controls Chemtrails, Sept 2014

Have you seen this? Are these UFOs controlling the chemtrails? -LW


September 12, 2014 – I was on a yacht with a friend. We were sailing together, enjoying the beautiful blue sky in Normandy. I was watching a huge Chemtrail and some nice clouds while taking a sunbath, when my attention got turned away by something else (I don’t remember). I stopped watching the sky for some minutes.

When I stared at the sky again, I slowly noticed some strange little dots of light near the huge Chemtrail. As always, I got my iPhone in my pocket 🙂 So I immediately took it and recorded what I could. After checking on my PC screen, I counted seven white objects slowly descending inside the trail, and also disappearing behind it. It seems the huge orb is the mothership “leading” the fleet.

► I have 3 hypothesis:

– These are parts of meteors falling down. (rare phenomenon in daylight!)

– These are spy drones / military devices, controlling – watching the trails (maybe to analyse them)

– These are UFOs = unidentified flying objects – controlling and monitoring these trails.

What do you think? I’m pretty confused on this one. This type of sighting is pretty recurrent where I live, I’ve been seeing these thing hundreds of times, and sometimes I could record the most impressive ones. (like this one)

► Feel free to comment and tell me your opinion. I’ll mostly reply to constructive comments!

Type ➫ Lights
Scale ➫ Unknown
Duration ➫ 45 seconds
Color(s) ➫ White
Light(s) ➫ Yes
Speed ➫ Slow
Filmed with ➫ iPhone 5S

Filmed by me from the sea in Normandy, France, September 2014.

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5 thoughts on “Amazing UFO activity! UFO fleet controls Chemtrails, Sept 2014

  1. Erich Richter says:

    The orbs you see are neutralizing the chemicals in the Chem trail release from the Galactic intervention. The chemicals released are mixed in with the air we breath and works it’s way in to the oxygen we breath then works it’s way into our brain, which then affects our thoughts and health, killing us slowly, the Galactics know this and protect us till they return very soon, Believe you me, I’ve read up enough and seen plenty of videos to know that’s what’s happening. Thank you LW, for your service to your country, I’ve been reading your articles for quite some time! !!!

  2. Dezynerdave says:

    Thankfully we have been assisted for decades now by our Galactic neighbors…otherwise I believe we would be (sorry to say), dead.
    This is from “Matthew’s Messages”…(

    If I may, yes, I’d next like to address what is to you, a surprising number of questions about chemtrails. You are inured to these because they fill the local area skies whenever weather permits, and you often hear of the same from people in many other states and countries. But we know that the majority of the world’s population does not distinguish these from contrails, the lines of condensation naturally formed by airplanes in the higher elevations.

    Chemtrails are solutions with toxic ingredients, including biological agents and minute particles of metals and chemicals that are dangerous to your bodies, and they are intended by the dark ones with authority to order these flights and their deadly payloads, to cause illness and death.

    I see that one questioning reader asked why the people behind the chemtrails would do this unless they had antidotes to the toxins. The peak of darkness on the planet is exactly in that “space” because they lack the capacity to love selves or others, and their hunger for achieving their goals contains an arrogance that they are indomitable and their target masses are expendable.

    They do not order the aerial contaminants released over areas where they, their families or other primary Illuminati parties reside or are visiting, and if ones who are serving them happen to fall victim to the toxins, they are replaced. They also have products, which they do not wish to be known publicly, that protect against or ameliorate the harmful effects of the toxins.

    On a much lighter note, the most dangerous effects of the chemtrails are being greatly reduced by the technology of the extraterrestrial civilizations that are helping you and Earth in numerous ways. Without their continuous neutralization or alleviation assistance in this regard, most bodies would be irreparably damaged and die. As it is, though, you who have strong immune systems may become sick, but you will survive. Those whose immune systems have been severely weakened by illness, nutritional deficiencies, or long-time stress, very likely cannot.

    Please do not ask for my recommendations of the products I mentioned—endorsement of any is not within my province. Information about them is available on the Internet, and in your comparisons, I urge you to ask your godself for guidance in choosing the best for you.

    And there many simple things you can do to enhance your immune systems, such as replacing your regular salt with sea salt; cutting down on sugary foods and cutting out foods with artificial sweeteners; drinking a lot of the purest water available; and instead of buying chemical drugs produced by pharmaceutical companies, discussing with pharmacists at health food stores the best natural remedies and nutritional supplements for your personal needs. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to care for your body with the same conscientiousness that you care for yourself in mind and spirit.

  3. lou hearnesberger says:

    Yes, I’ve seen this phenomenon before only the little white lights I saw moved around the chem trail in a helix pattern. Within about 20 minutes the chem trail had disappeared.

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