NASA Prepares For Extraterrestrial Contact

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A couple of months ago top U.S. astronomers gathered in front of congress to let them know that extraterrestrial life exists without question. Their main argument was the size of the universe, emphasizing that there are trillions of stars out there, with one in every five most likely harboring an Earth-like planet. It’s also important to keep in mind that planets do not have to be “Earth-like” in order to harbor life. You can read more about that story here.

“The number of habitable worlds in our galaxy is certainly in the tens of billions, minimum, and we haven’t even talked about the moons. And the number of galaxies we can see, other than our own, is about 100 billion.” – Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer at California’s SETI Institute (source)

This time, NASA and the Library of Congress have teamed…

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8 thoughts on “NASA Prepares For Extraterrestrial Contact

  1. schauminator says:

    Since Obama has been briefed by Steve Greer, Obama probably hopes they will look like transvestites.

  2. Spock says:

    Whenever the scum that controls this “prison planet” takes the initiative to “officially” have contact with extraterrestrials, this would only be another trap door right in front of us ! Those extraterrestrials would then be nothing else than those freaks in disguise !!!
    When this would happen all alarm bells are ringing…

  3. macdonalddon says:

    Not to mention the alien they sold us to for experiments and such.

    i smell a full blown fake alien invasion if ebola and Isis/Isil doesn’t do the trick.

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