Georgia Guide Stone- “2014 stone” removed! 9/25/14

Believe it or not, the workers in this video clip claim to have replaced the mysterious “2014” block with “the original”. What do you think is going on here? -LW

Hidden Agendas


Published on 26 Sep 2014

Raw footage of the removal and destruction of the 2014 cube, from the English slab of the Georgia Guidestones. When the workman was asked if something else was going to be put there in place of it he answered “we have the original piece…”



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5 thoughts on “Georgia Guide Stone- “2014 stone” removed! 9/25/14

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  2. Lydia Massei says:

    Anyone none the symbology of the stone or what the other date 16, and letters might signify?

  3. Spock says:

    This monument is a slap in the face of mankind. The people of that place should legally remove it !

  4. TRUTHBETOLD says:

    Did anyone think to ask the “worker” what the original stone says? Or perhaps who hired him?

  5. richbuckley7 says:

    The stone, left in place permanently, was violating their honor code of pre-disclosure. All the sides had to be show for the full code to be decipherable. It was a PR stunt fulfilling that end. That the stone was destroyed probably is part of the full message.

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