UFO Ejects Out Of Comet Lovejoy While Approaching Sun, Sept 2014

It seems that “comet” Lovejoy may not really be a comet . . . -LW

Mission Galactic Freedom

ufo ejects lovejoy

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Date of sighting: Sept 2014
Location of sighting: Earths Sun ejected from comet Lovejoy.
Eyewitness states: 

It might be nothing but then again it could be everything either way here’s the vid. So was this object shot out, ejected, a ufo? You Decide! Just thought it is odd that this comet is still showing at 1AU if it is on a 600 year orbit. Verifying the orbit is what found the anomaly in front of the comet. 

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One thought on “UFO Ejects Out Of Comet Lovejoy While Approaching Sun, Sept 2014

  1. vic says:

    I have seen this before and the poeple doing the video said that it looks like the ANNUAKI GOD SHIP that you see on walls in the temples or pyramids. You can see what looks to be like wings then vapor trail and then a smaller ship in front of it. Looks like there back to kick some butt. GOD SPEED FOR ALL OF US LETS GET THE SHOW ON THE ROAD BEFORE ANYONE ELSE DIES FROM THE BAD GUYS TRYING TO TRICK US

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