THE EVENT – Community Leaders Brief (Re-Posted)

With all of the activity with the G20 and central bankers, last week, and the United Nations, this week, it seems like it could be show time, so here is a brief for community leaders that describes what to expect during the transition to the new system(s).


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10 thoughts on “THE EVENT – Community Leaders Brief (Re-Posted)

  1. Ken Harris says:

    Prepare for Change is a Cobra group, which is tied to the cabal, playing into the entire “Problem, Reaction, Solution” scenario of the cabal control plan. The same folks will be running the show when all is said and done. This briefing is another tool to be used by Cobra followers to keep the populace in control while the rules change but the rulers do not. Fall for this line of BS at your own risk.

  2. manventure1 says:

    I hope these notices are to be distributed very soon, however, after proofreading I found two typo’s in the last two paragraphs. the word brought should replace the word bought. Anyone delivering these notices may want to correct them.

  3. Carlos says:

    Doest this means the revolution in the financial system is about to happen?

  4. christianb says:

    This is not new.

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