Nvidia is trying to debunk conspiracy theories moon landing 1969

So, did they really land on the moon or not? Nvidia says, “Yes” -LW

Mission Galactic Freedom

1969 moon landing hoax

According to Nvidia the Apollo 11 moon landing wasn’t a hoax. And they can prove it.

Nvidia: By using Maxwell, our new GPU architecture, to digitally rebuild one of the landing’s iconic photographs – Neil Armstrong’s shot of Buzz Aldrin clambering down the lunar module’s ladder.

The photo, taken 45 years ago, shows Aldrin lit against the dark shape of the lunar module behind him. It’s a good shot. Too good, conspiracy theorists claim.

Their argument: because the sun is behind the lunar module, and Aldrin is in its shadow, Aldrin must have been lit by something other than the sun. Some auxiliary light source. Maybe in a back-lot studio. Perhaps somewhere in L.A.

Here is NASA’s… Oops …Nvidia’s Moon Landing Video:

Nvidia is convinced that their team debunked the debunkers.

But not everyone is convinced and still many people believe that they never went to the Moon.


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3 thoughts on “Nvidia is trying to debunk conspiracy theories moon landing 1969

  1. Spock says:

    That is the real question !
    I’m afraid that NASA lied about everything (as “Yellow Rose” has stated in her brilliant film) – and how can man reach a moon behind the matrix barrier, that probably is a hologram on a giant plasma-screen monitor ???
    Still fascinating…to say the least ! 🙂

  2. macdonalddon says:

    No doubt they were there…they just didn’t use those modified road flares…which is why they “lost” their moon landing footage.

    In other words, the dog ate their homework.

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