Chinese Lunar Rover Finds No Evidence Of American Moon Landings (Satire)

Could this be why Nvidia is trying so hard to prove that NASA really did go to the moon? -LW

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8 thoughts on “Chinese Lunar Rover Finds No Evidence Of American Moon Landings (Satire)

  1. vendo4151 says:

    As far as looking at this question, did they or didn’t they, … going back to the 90s I found myself influenced by Richard Hoagland who was and is a very stern “yes”. And with a number of points to back it up. If only I could remember them now! … lol

  2. ChristianB says:

    Who knows?

  3. Spock says:

    This whole moon thing gets more and more foggy by the hour…
    When our whole firmament is a hologram (what i really believe it is) – where is the “real” moon hiding ? And how can one reach it, when the rockets that start to get there are flying curves after some miles from their launch (as we all should notice by watching those old apollo films from “Cape Kennedy”).
    Is the moon now behind the matrix barrier, or is it still inside it ?
    Questions and questions still unanswered… 😦

  4. Omg says:

    Awesome reporting here! You’ve just reported and linked to a story from a satire website…. We have lost all hope!

  5. D. Gareau says:

    the read more key doesn’t work!

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