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By Daniel Burke, CNN Belief Blog Editor

(CNN) – The Vatican announced on Tuesday that it has placed a former ambassador under house arrest while he faces charges for “serious acts of abuse of minors.”

Jozef Wesolowski is accused of molesting young boys during his stint as the pope’s official representative in the Dominican Republican. Wesolowkski had been appointed to the post in 2008 by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

The former envoy, who was defrocked by the Vatican in June, is one of the highest-ranking church officials to be accused of abusing children during the Catholic Church’s widespread and costly sexual abuse scandal. It is the first time a top Vatican ambassador has faced such charges.

Wesolowksi’s arrest, the Vatican said Tuesday, “is a result of the express desire of the Pope, so that a case so serious and delicate would be addressed without delay.”

Francis has pledged to maintain a policy of “zero tolerance” for Catholic clergy who abuse children.

Wesolowski’s case provides a high-profile chance for the Pope, who has beenaccused by some victims’ groups of downplaying the sexual abuse scandal, to take concrete action against one of the Vatican’s own.

The Vatican said that Wesolowski suffers from an unnamed but medically documented health condition, and will be placed under house arrest in Vatican City, which is a sovereign state.

Pressure had been building on the Vatican to proceed with criminal charges against Wesolowki, a Polish native ordained by Saint John Paul II, since the accusations against him became public.

That pressure intensified when The New York Times reported last month that Wesolowski had been seen walking freely about Rome.

The United Nations Committee Against Torture has also urged the Vatican to move swiftly on Wesolowski. A report by the committee in May noted that Poland had reportedly asked for the archbishop’s extradition.

Under Vatican law, Wesolowki, if found guilty, could face a maximum sentence of 12 years in prison.



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17 thoughts on “Former Vatican envoy placed under house arrest – CNN Belief Blog – Blogs

  1. schauminator says:

    Your comment reminds me of the times we made up sins in confessional booth to see if some feminine priest was really Father Fairy or just to see who could get the biggest penitence. Yep, I got the rosaries to say.

  2. Erissa C. Jooste says:

    and that they are weak in the flesh

  3. Erissa C. Jooste says:

    That the witch hunt is happening, is a blessing.

    What blows my mind, is that clergy of such high status are so low in their spiritual development, that theu ste wesk in the flesh, and not even able to keep to their vows! Which means they do not understand the message of the church!

    So how could they be ordained by someone who is supposed to be able to be spiritually advanced enough to discern the purity/impurity of the candidate to be ordained!? and that on the face of a recent conviction!

    • macdonalddon says:

      They have it so engrained in society that it is sometimes easy to forget that they are in reality murderous satan worshiping pedophiles.

      Spiritual development is simply not on their radar.

  4. casandra says:

    actions speak louder than words. House arrest? is that a punishment? walking about Vatican city a punishment? Possibility of 12 year in …..which jail??? Vatica’s jail? so we heard Pope saying zero tolerance but….so far….nothing has been proven.Why not hand him over to the Roman justice system instead?

  5. schauminator says:

    Wow, this says it all, he suffers from an UNNAMED but medically documented health condition, and will be placed under house arrest in Vatican City, which is a SOVEREIGN STATE.
    He will most likely only receive a slap on his wrist compared to what a criminal court would issue.
    This is exactly why we must have a Common Law Grand Jury.

  6. macdonalddon says:

    ” The Vatican announced on Tuesday that it has placed a former ambassador under house arrest… ”

    What, he has to serve as a geezer cardinal ‘fluffer’ downstairs in the rectory ?

  7. Maggie says:

    House arrest at the Vatican sounds like no punishment at all.

  8. karma007 says:

    Um, house arrest in Vatican City? Sounds like a retreat prison to me.

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