Yellow Rose for Texas is back, with an expectation that we will be unplugged from the Matrix, soon, preceded by a Global Announcement. Exciting, isn’t it? -LW



“Hickory dickory dock
The El wound up the clock
The clock struck ONE
The El was done
Hickory dickory dock…”





Linear Time is a construct. It can be altered. It is part of the program, the system architecture. When they invaded, they seized control of that system program. They could drop people in, wherever they wanted, within that program. They programmed the ‘skit’ they wanted that individual to play out. Then erased their memory and layered their minds with a ‘history’, they created. By cording the individual, when ever the individual attempted to gain access to their real memory, the program would activate defense systems that would disallow it in a number of ways. If needed, they sent the nordic/nephli, to manually alter the individuals memory. We had no defense against this. They never remembered they were ‘visited’.

‘Yashua’ is another name for ‘Jesus’ and both are the coven name of a single individual Royal. It was Charles, son of the incestuous twins, whose Egyptian coven name was “Horus”. “Whore Us”. ‘Nimrod’ is simply another coven name. These are all names for the enemy forces, not for mankind. Every time I turn around, they are altering those same books, adding/deleting, to create another myth for public consumption. It was part of the reason they were called whores.

Domine, like the rest of it you’ve mentioned, is all the “new” disinformation they’ve put out there in these recent years. “Domini” is the root word for “Dominate”.

“Holy” is also “Whole E”. When they altered our language, they put their names into every word. People have no idea, that they give the “call” every time they speak.

The El who work for QE & Vatican, rigged Yellowstone. Then they lost control of the simulation. Its much much bigger than they were going to make it, and now they cant stop it. ONE says, they’ll rue it. We get pulled before it can harm us. We don’t live through that. But the elite (EL- ITE = el followers) are going to have a really bad day.

‘New age enlightenment’ was a term used by the Toth followers, and is specific to the Luciferians.

There is no “Invasion”, the Invasion of the past is what we are being freed from. And “Adam Kadmon & Man”…that’s a twist to the extreme. We are not ‘soul centers’ for hybrid Snake and Man genetics. We are stolen souls, forced into a genetically stripped down body for the purpose of possession, slavery and torture. “Adam Kadmon” is simply another of An/Nibiru propaganda.

IMO, The more you ‘study’ their book, BIB-EL, the greater the hold they gain on your mind. Every time you do so, you give the ‘call’ which allows them to approach you. Every time they approach you, they cord you and alter you.

Just to add to your cern info, one of the main things they were doing with Cern, is attempting to open a portal to escape their fate. The other thing, is that the El set it up as a big bomb. Its still rigged. (edit) as far as I know, it is still rigged. Like they rigged Yellowstone.

You are in a server. It is a Virtual Artificially Intelligent, Natural Synthetic, Architecture. Hence the name “Great Architect” which he was not, nor did he create it. What he did do, was Hack it.
This is how the El’s hacked and inserted all those ‘artifacts’ and how they hacked us personally, and replaced our memories. They watch you from an event monitor, and can insert apps into your data stream, which then affect you in the ‘here and now’. Affecting not just memory, but personality traits as well.

The war is between the Father of the branch of Mankind, the One, and the Father of the branch of Snakes, Set/An or Satan, who heads the enemy forces, which are a collective of ‘fallen’ races such as the El (greys) and the Sith (reptilians)  The enemy forces on the planets in our system were subdued, and the planets were filtered, or ‘cleansed’, and placed into an alignment in order for the opening of the gate, so that we can leave.  The system we are in is a ‘construct’ and a multi-layered virtual reality. The images you see are from NASA files. We do not see the planets or space as it really is. NASA lied about everything. We were placed here in an act of war, and now we are about to be rescued and taken back to where we belong.

The money system is part of the slave system the enemy set over us. It does not go forward. You are returned to freedom. Stress of ‘bill(of Exchange Act/Rothschild), money, lack of necessaries or luxuries, are all part of the past.

They want you to ‘forgive’ their esoteric debt. They want you to sit and go “Omm”, and do nothing to stop them. Do not forgive it – that makes YOU assume their debt; understand they will pay for this. The law is, all debt must be paid.

Do not pass it by without comment to do so means you comply/agree with it (lack spine); but know that it is meant to create fear and this is what you need to ‘pass by’. No fear. They give the appearance that this will not end. It is only appearance.

There is a server, which is a computer server. The “Planets” and the images we are commonly given, are the ‘myth’ because they are a virtual reality. Then there is the Spirits, which are there as well, but masked. And yes, the veil is about to lift and you’ll be able to see and understand it all.

You won’t be disappointed. He’s worth the wait. Everyone above, thinks the ONE is special.
The el-ites were stalling, but that is past now. It is progressing, but on the upper level where we don’t really have knowledge of the steps taken, normally, for the transfer. I can only say, that everyone on the subconscious level, has received the FEN. Failure Event Notice. It is sent to everyone, when they are about to pull the electric/power plug and unplug all of us here.

Our Spirit Doubles are in fact our subconscious minds and they know everything. They communicate w/us through dreams, intuition, promptings.

It is however, about to happen. It will not be quite as I described, due to the changes. However, everyone is sealed, everyone is ready.

The next thing is the Global announcement which we’re waiting for, and that is when we get pulled and we all view these evil people flushed down to the pit.

Groundhog day …

The waiting, is now nearly over, and the Global Announcement is in the process of being ‘translated’ down to us.

So hang in there


About Light Worker 29501

I am a Canadian Indigo adult, Reiki Master, and Bitcoin enthusiast. My background is in IT and fixing broken hearts. Since 2012, I have been investigating and debunking (where necessary) much of "truther" movement, particularly in the areas of banking and government. These days, I survive mostly on blog donations and non-corporate IT work. If you find value in my work, please consider making a small donation to patrick29501 [at] at (


  1. Carlos Pinto says:

    Pull the plug quickly. I want this. We want this. Turn off the mind programming. I’m eager to get out, and discover what was hidden from me.

  2. every day is a gift enjoy the present . Remenber there is nothing to fear except fear itself… be good have a good day, think peace alot of people meditate at 3 p m .,for good vibes.

  3. Dottie says:

    I’m a subscriber to StarShip Earth: The Big Picture but did Not receive this e-mail on YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS: HICKORY DICKORY DOCK. The e-mail came through from another friend. Can you explain why I did Not receive this e-mail???
    Thank you!

  4. Sara Weslow says:

    I know the time is anytime now…….I have had short periods of great fear and I have known deep down that the time has come. I have overcome the fear and pray to God, my father, the ONE. Every night I think about it wondering, soon it will happen. I seal myself to the family of man. The world is becoming more evil every day, with a sort of pressure about things. Soon we will be in beauty and without any worry. Thank you Yellow Rose…….for all you know and you share.

  5. Spock says:

    A big -thank you- “lightworker 29501” for summarizing those important news of “Yellow Rose” !!!
    Those messages resonate within me deeply and i am glad that this information gets out on a broader scale now…

    Yes, there is much more than meets the eye – and with her insight we can really start to see what traps and pits they are creating around us to keep us enslaved forever !

    Yes, we are “stolen souls”, that was always what i felt deep inside me ! Kidnapped by dark entities that tricked us into this “flesh suits” that are now our earthly bodies – seemingly dumbing us down into oblivion.
    I have always felt, that the hardship we face on this “planet” only had the purpose to squeeze out our energy…with every prayer to “god” or to those “heavenly beings”, such as “ascended masters” or “angles” we are supporting the demiurg and his minions (the archons/anunnaki) that enslaved us.
    Don’t we all remember the phrase “how can there be a god, when he allows such atrocities in the world” ??? That is a very good question, we now have a plausible answer to :

    The being that we see as our “god” is the chief kidnapper, our master enslaver and is the head of the dark forces that tortured us all for millennia !!! So it is really no wonder that such evil things did happen here without a “god” intervening it…doesn’t that make pefect sense now ???

    But there was always a legend, that one day the “kalki avatar” will return -look here :

    and correct those wrongs the “god players” did to us – i guess that this is starting right now for real !

    Be at peace dear friends and don’t worry anymore – this nightmare here will stop !

    But always remember, things around us are changing by the minute, so how this all plays out in detail has still to be seen. “Global announcements” would really be a perfect start…would’nt it ? 🙂

  6. Graham says:

    I’ve now heard so many different takes on this ‘end game’ that i just don’t know what’s what anymore. It has a ring of 50% truth to it, but the best disinfo is also 50% truth. I too am sick of this game, yet there are so many still out there who are totally oblivious to any of this going on around them. I can’t understand how they could still be asleep, but they are, maybe they won’t ever wake up?
    Meanwhile in the real world, ‘they’ are now attacking their own ‘terrorists’ back in Iraq, but this time calling them isis, just pouring more of your tax money into their share dividends in Halliburton and the Carlyle Group while most think it’s necessary for our ‘safety’.

  7. linda says:

    i would suggest that everyone use a great deal of discernment here.

  8. Erissa C. Jooste says:

    BTW The baptism by full emersion and sealing in the Holy Spirit, washes one and brings about the formatting of the old implant interference and the entry into The New Elohim Program needed for readjustment into the new phase of the ‘yuma’ and age of wholeness. Holy spirit brings wholeness = Healing Spirit.

  9. Erissa C. Jooste says:

    robbed of 90% awareness, until we are capable of using 100% properly and for the greatest good. Once we are ready to be more responsible and unselfish, we can be once again be re-united with The God of Melchizedek, from whence we come. We are capable of living 1000’s of years and as soon as we habe this planet ‘licked’, by removing unemployment and drought, as well as end to war, The Great Architect will reside with us once more, right here. Heaven on earth. For 1000 yrs of peace. We will then all (those who heal and respond to enlightenment) be back in the garden, only more well rounded and capable of understanding ‘the things of God’ attached to the ‘tree of life’.

  10. Erissa C. Jooste says:

    Lightworker –
    It is evident you have a fair amount of ‘lookingness’, and have made some astute observations.

    However, there will be no sudden end to wait for, The actuality of this virtuality, also known as an holographic collective dream (human = yuma’n = Japanese for dreamer) is that we are currently being ‘healed’ after the S’At On robbed us of 90% of our awsreness

  11. rthunderws says:


  12. I really catch what yellow rose is tossin. Rings true, intuition or gut don’t know, but I go for it. Stuff is wild!

  13. Todd says:

    Sure it’s exciting if/when it happens. Can someone actually define when SOON is? I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m growing so weary of this ‘game’. Just don’t want to play any more, you know?

    Love, peace, joy, harmony, and abundance for all, ;), Todd.

    • Actually, it wouldn’t surprise me if Oxford removed “soon” from the dictionary, because it no longer has any meaning. I have a lot of days when I don’t want to play anymore, either. -LW

  14. vic says:

    Thank you yellow rose for Texas for all of your info and research that you have done.You bring us all the great gift the one truly needs to understand what the hell is happening to us for all these years and life times,and now freedom can`t come fast enough.With all the family members lost i just hope that they to will know what has happened to our world as well.I have watched all your videos what an eye opener ,a must for everyone to view THANK YOU THE LIGHT IS NEARER BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU.

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