The U.S. government knows Bigfoot is Real! Jeff Meldrum and Todd Standing talk Sasquatcha

On the lighter side… Do you think Bigfoot is real? -LW

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

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2 thoughts on “The U.S. government knows Bigfoot is Real! Jeff Meldrum and Todd Standing talk Sasquatcha

  1. casandra says:

    Nothing new, the best description of time is on a book written by Saint Augustine(353 AD). And in NDE some of the people has also experience the essence of time as that is EXACTLY the meaning of ETERNITY which it is a very difficult concept to grasp while we are on our material bodies.

  2. Spock says:

    But we are mistaken to categorize this species as animal like because it is hairy and it stinks !
    The sasquatch are highly intelligent and are, what i have learned, some kind of “dimensional travellers”.

    How far advanced spiritually they are shows his episode that i found on youtube :

    By the way…does anyone remember the documetary “mermaids the body found” ? The government is well aware of those beings (may they dwell in the oceans or in remote areas of land or mountains) – the problem of denying this beings is not the lack of proof, but the fear of possible and open contacts from people with them ! Those beings could tell us a totally different story of what is really going on here, than the “government” (our kidnappers) would allow us to be told ! Think about it…

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