Secret Service considering public White House checkpoints after breach

If what Ben Fulford says is true, the “intruder” was part of the “Positive Military” making themselves known to the bad guys. If true, these “checkpoints” will have little effect. -LW

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The Secret Service is considering a number of proposals designed to prevent intruders from breaching the security perimeter around the White House, after a man who allegedly was carrying a weapon was able to enter the building on Friday before being apprehended.

The Associated Press first reported that agency officials have had preliminary discussions about setting up checkpoints in public areas around the executive mansion. A law enforcement official told the AP that such a measure previously has been discussed. However, the issue has taken on added urgency after a Texas man allegedly carrying a knife jumped the perimeter fence Friday evening and made it inside the North Portico doors.

A federal law enforcement official told Fox News that the discussion of potentially additional checkpoints are preliminary, and many details would still have to be worked out considering how many other law enforcement agencies have jurisdiction in the areas surrounding…

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    It may just have been bath house Barry’s date showing up early.

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